Elevation Raleigh: Worship Experience Highlights – "Piece It Together" (Un)Qualified Week 2

Check out Week 1 of the (Un)Qualified series here:
This past week (week 2) is here: https://youtu.be/fxeZITgv-K4?list=PLFrHDxoEf4t1Gj7k4eC47pRRDgo7EEtRK and it was ON POINT. 
Throughout my life, and even more so in the past several years I’ve seen past experiences prepare me for things that came later, and I always just marveled at the design of it all. God really orchestrates everything for our good. Looking at life like a puzzle, and realizing that we can’t always see the whole thing, because sometimes we just have a piece is such a great metaphor. Marshall and I love to do puzzles (although the last one we did was while I was in labor with Lincoln) and our plan of attack is usually: build the frame, sort “like” pieces into small piles, put the like pieces together until you have tiny pictures all over in various places, put the bigger chunks together and then fill in with any leftover pieces. Ta-da: puzzle done, big picture is visible. 
Our life is this process. Occasionally we see glimpses of the big picture, but we sometimes we just have to work with the pieces and realize it’s in pieces on purpose. This sermon is filled with beautiful metaphors for it all, stained glass, a box of Legos (the “naaah boo!” about killed me), pictures in a frame… Pastor Steven speaks how I think. So grateful for it. I’ll probably listen to this again today, but one quote that stuck out to me:
Are you willing to move forward trusting in something you can’t see until you look back?
You see the pieces– God sees the picture.

Bam! Enjoy! 

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