March Goals

Hellooooooo March! I can’t lie, I am overjoyed to see that February has passed. Fingers crossed we are done with winter weather and moving on towards greater things (like, I don’t know…. SUMMER?!). February was great! I did a pretty terrible job of my goals overall, but I’ve seen the areas that need improvement and I have a plan. And in the words of Lara Casey who spoke to me yesterday through her book: Progress– not perfection. And I’ve made some progress. Some.

February Goals:

  • Check Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter only once a day. I really, really did a terrible job at this. I’m pretty sure there’s some science out there about abstaining from something and then bingeing on that thing…and that’s pretty much what happened. I started checking social media more. Anyway, I’ve decided to check it morning and night, and keep it off during my work day when I go upstairs to work. Logging out and everything. 
  • Post daily on Instagram an iPhone pic of the “ordinary” for my #chaney366 project. It was bound to happen, but I missed a day: February 28th. Womp. I decided to post twice on leap day (the whole point of the #366 thing, too!) but it’s all good. I’m loving this. Totally doing this every year from here on out. I am finding it so hard to pick one picture for the day though! I am constantly torn between a Lincoln pic and a just-because pic. 
  • Finish work before Marshall gets home so we can relax after dinner once Lincoln goes to bed.  This did not happen most days, although it happened some days. We were transitioning to a new babysitter this month so I didn’t have any help for the month of February which basically meant I started my week behind. The new babysitter started yesterday (and she is wonderful!) and I have high hopes for the month of March. It all boils down to being more disciplined and not resting or procrasti-cleaning when L is napping. 
  • Get in bed by 10pm (at the latest).  This happened some. Cracking down this month! Sleep is EVERYTHING. 
  • Go to the dentist. This happened and it was terrible. Marshall went too and we both have cavities and will be going back again before our 6 month check this summer. So much adulting.
  • Blog my personal “every day” pictures from January! Check! 
  • Blog Lincoln’s first Christmas and birthday. Didn’t blog his birthday yet, but I will in March!
  • Move our personal photos on to my Smug Mug page from Lincoln’s first year and my pregnancy. Smug Mug is changing my life! A post all about it will follow. 
  • Savor this season of “long days” and “short years”.   Wondering if I jinxed myself into the no-babysitter situation with this goal, because MAN days are long when you’re constantly back-and-forth momming and teachering. Cutting back on social media has really allowed me to really take-in the everyday moments that I usually miss when I’m scrolling through Instagram. Appreciating that. 
  • Celebrate my nephews turning 2 and 4! 
  • Go to at least one free yoga class at Grow The Boutique. 
  • Start a new book.  Started and Finished “Make it Happen” by Lara Casey! A good quick read, although in this current season I feel pretty content. I think it will be good for me to re-read in a couple of years when we are out of debt with older kids and I’m looking for new direction. I feel pretty confident and content in where I am and my purpose these days. 
Goals for March:
  • Host a baby shower for my sweet friend Emily! She’s expecting a little girl this summer and I am so excited!
  • Be going to bed consistently at 10pm and waking up at 6am by the end of the month. Transition by getting up a little bit earlier each day until I reach the goal. I have discovered the bliss of having time to fix myself breakfast before little people get up and demand things. 
  • Host and participate in the #moreveggiesinmarch challenge on social media! More about that here: I’m shooting for 5 servings a day! Tomorrow is grocery day, so pickings are kind of slim around here… I’ll probably be eating 5 salads.
  • Read (Un)Qualified by Pastor Steven Furtick. 
  • Read New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else). (Two books in one month is VERY ambitious!).
  • Blog Lincoln’s First Fiesta.
  • Blog “everyday photos” from March.
  • Go to “The Most Excellent Way to Lead” conference at Newspring Church in SC!
  • Go for a walk every day that it is not raining. 
  • Pay off the bottom Sallie Mae loan.
Happy March-ing! 

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