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Friday Favorites: Honest Company Diaper Bundles

If there’s one word that sums up the baby experience, it would be: diapers. In an ideal world I would use cloth diapers– I even registered for some! But alas, no one bought them for us, probably because they know how much I do not enjoy doing laundry and they figured a big pile of poop I needed to wash probably wouldn’t be a good idea. So, disposables for us it is. Maybe if I can improve my laundry skills before next baby I’ll attempt it next time around. Maybe

I’ve had sensitive skin my whole life, so I anticipated that with Lincoln. I had researched Honest and really wanted to start diaper bundling right away, but we decided to wait until after he was born to see if the cheap diapers (or any of the bazillion ones we got as baby shower gifts) would be okay. For the first few weeks he was fine with Huggies wipes and Pampers Swaddlers, and then after a particularly poop-erific week he got a terrible diaper rash that warranted a trip to the pediatrician and prescription cream that ended up not helping at all.

The pediatrician advised against Huggies wipes (and suggested we stop using wipes all together, so I guess I got a little taste of cloth diapering with cloth wipes. Spoiler: I did not care for it). We were in the middle of preparing for snow and I remember frantically driving to Target and impulsively purchasing a pack of Honest size 1s and a tube of their organic Healing Balm– both things that I considered to be super granola at the time (kind of hilarious considering our paleo life now) and within 24 hours it was completely cleared up. We officially became believers. While using Honest diapers and Healing Balm he stayed irritation and rash free, like that was his normal! Totally crazy and wonderful.

The bundles are the best deal at $79.99 for 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes (which, if you price diapers on Amazon or at Target, this essentially makes the wipes free!) and you can schedule them according to your needs. We do Honest diapers at night (and are SUPER excited to try their new overnights in our bundle coming next week!) and at naps or if he has a little irritation, otherwise we alternate with Target brand diapers because when found on sale (combination of coupon + Cartwheel + deal + giftcards) those bad boys are so cheap. You can’t beat the price. (And your kid is literally pooping on these things. Cheap is what you want.) Occasionally, I’ll find old Honest seasonal prints on clearance at Target or they’ll be included in some crazy coupon deal and I’ll stock up then. We’ve probably paid full price for a bundle 4 times since Lincoln was born, which in my opinion is not too shabby!

As most diaper purchases go, the price per diaper gets higher with larger diapers/smaller quantities, but once you’re on their email list they send codes periodically for percentages (up to 40 or 50% off sometimes!) off new bundles, and there are many ways to go about making a new bundle. Use your imagination. Cough cough (insert winky face emoji here).

So, the quick facts:

  • $79.99/bundle (6 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wipes)
  • Schedule them to your convenience, pay when they ship
  • free shipping on orders over $50 (which a bundle is!) 
  • pick the prints you want (the bananas, T-Rex and Comic print are my faves!) 
  • save 25% on any add-on items (we add Healing Balm and Diaper rash cream) 
  • coupon codes are sent periodically through email (be creative!)
  • invite friends and get a $20 credit with their first bundle purchase
And speaking of that last one, if you’ve thought about trying a bundle, use my referral link below! 
They also just released a new and much better version of their app, click below! 

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