Our Everyday in Photos – February 20th

One of my goals for this year is to use my real camera regularly to take pictures of our everyday. This has been a fun way to keep updated real pictures of my little man and practice random photo things. This day I was working on shooting with a higher number aperture than what I normally shoot with. I learned quite a bit and am happy with how they turned out. I am mostly always happy with pictures of this subject, though.

On February 20th we were having lunch and Lincoln did not want to be fed yogurt with any kind of spoon (sometimes he likes the little one, sometimes the big one, sometimes he likes to hold it, sometimes he likes for you to hold it, and so on and so forth…) so I just let him have it and he got a couple of bites in his mouth with the spoon, and then just found it easier to eat with his hands. It didn’t take long for Luna and Lobo to realize what was going on and they quickly came to spectate (and participate).  After a change of clothes we played for a bit before he napped. This is one of the first days he started playing with cars like cars on the shelves and futon upstairs, driving them back and forth. Before, they were just another thing to taste or carry around.

I want to remember everything about these days!
Especially that big baby belly. And those eyelashes. And those fingers. I’m a little bit smitten.

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