Lincoln’s First Christmas Eve

This was the best Christmas Eve ever! I was feeling super nostalgic leading up to the holidays this year. Last year was so special for us. I was 39w+ pregnant and on our way to the Christmas Eve service at Elevation Church last year (as visitors! So funny that we go there now) I had my first contractions of a 4 day off and on labor. Most of all, this Christmas I just felt so grateful for this wonderful year. So much in our life has changed since last year, and it’s been a hard one, but it’s been so great. God has used this year as new parents to grow us separately and make us stronger in our marriage. I wouldn’t change a thing. And I documented probably a bit too much of the holidays, so if you don’t like pictures of my kid, you probably won’t enjoy this post. 
We decided that this year Christmas Eve would be our travel day, so we headed to Durham in the morning to let the cousins exchange gifts and play (and have waffles!) and then we headed to Hillsborough to see my in-laws and do our Secret Santa gift exchange. Without a doubt, Lincoln loved all the company and seeing all his fans the family. He napped in the car some, but showed no signs of sleepiness when any of his cousins, aunts, uncles or grandparents were around! He totally did not care about opening gifts (or even the tissue paper or boxes) but loved squeezing the teddy bear his greadgrandmother (Nana) got for him. 
After celebrating with both sides of our family, we headed back home just in time for the last Christmas eve worship experience at Elevation. We headed home, put Lincoln to bed (in short sleeved jammies, it was like 70º) and assembled his Christmas gifts while we watched Die Hard– our Christmas tradition. 
I loved our first Christmas as a family of three so much, and I think it will only be even better next year with an almost two year old!   

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