Elevation Raleigh: Worship Experience Highlights

Another great Sunday in the books! It’s my last one serving for the month which I am grateful for, it’s been a wonderful few weeks but it’s been hard to get Lincoln up and at church by 7. We made it on time (ish) this morning and he snuggled in the Ergo during run-through, he loves the music so much.

The word “beautiful” just kept popping into my head today. I was a little tired from waking up early and missing the coffee boost I’d normally partake in and was a bit downhearted earlier in the morning that none of my images seemed to be coming out like I wanted them to. I felt like everything was super dark or out of focus or the white balance was really off. I sat during the 11:30 experience and went through my images the see what I needed to grab before I left and I was just mesmerized by the photos of people engaged in worship. It’s just so beautiful how people truly encounter God here each week. People of all ages, races and walks in life united through Christ. Just, beautiful people. Beautiful souls. Beautiful encounters. Beautiful stories. And today, we had some seriously beautiful snow!

Like Judah Smith said this morning, we are enjoying this revival! After both experiences the Welcome Area was full of first timers, people wanting to plug in and serve, and some that had made a decision to follow Jesus that morning. Watching this campus grow, even just since September when we started coming, has been incredible. So excited to see what God is going to do in this city that we love through Elevation Church!

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