2016 Goals: part one

Last year I made some pretty loose and lofty goals for myself. Part of my annual tradition of “goal” setting is, of course, reflecting and processing the previous year. Last year, I had, like, just given birth so I didn’t actually write these goals until Lincoln was a few weeks old, and it’s kind of funny to read what I thought this year would be like. I was throwing all these fun buzz words around like “simplify” and “freedom” and trying to make those my theme for the year. If I could give 2015 a theme word for what is was really like it would be survive. Which, I totally did, so great job, Me!

2014 goals
2015 goals (part 1 and part 2)
My loose and lofty 2015 goals review:

  • Financial Freedom:
    • pay off the bottom Sallie Mae Loan (currently $2,976.95)  We did this! 
    • get the balance second smallest ($8,203.68) under $5k!  It is holding steady today $4364.79!
  • Simplify:
    • Wardrobe. I got rid of a TON of clothes and did sort into seasonal capsules. I am adjusting to my new lifestyle of not really going anywhere, ever, and so my need for ‘real’ clothes is non-existent these days. 
    • Baby stuff. We donated a TON of stuff right after Lincoln was born and have done a better job of saying “no” to things that are passed our way. Somehow the pile continues to grow and toys continue to materialize out of seemingly nowhere…
    • Kitchen stuff. We did get rid of some kitchen things we didn’t use and packed up our “fancy dishes” and my inherited china from my great-grandmother to make our kitchen space a bit more functional. We also replaced some of our pots and pants for awesome new ceramic ones, and increased our small kitchen appliance collection by one blender and waffle maker. These were great choices. 
    • Food.  This is REALLY simplified. Due to my autoimmune issues postpartum I no longer eat the vast majority of processed food on my paleo diet. So, we have SUPER simplified in this area in that 99% of what we eat is fruits, vegetables and meat. We have, however, complicated it in that sometimes we have to go to three different grocery stores to get what we need for the week. Aldi, Target and either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods depending on what is needed. 
    • Beauty routine.* This was not an intended area of change, but because of my skin I had to purify and simplify my skincare routine like crazy. I quit most everything cold turkey during my major flare in July but I’ve done a major overhaul on my face care, overall skin care and hair care. It’s crazy! While I still occasionally wear Bare Minerals make-up for ‘special occasions’, I’ll share my routine in 2016 with apple cider vinegar, shea butter, jojoba oil and some other oils and a shampoo bar. It’s gotten pretty granola around here…
  • What Matters Most.  This year was definitely a reality check in terms of what really matters most to me. Family is hands-down number one and I’ve had to rank rest, relaxation, and eating well shortly underneath them. 
  • Have more fun. I did have fun this year! Having a kid in your house is a very fun thing. Watching him learn and grow has been SO much fun (moreso once he started sleeping through the night…) and I can’t wait for what is coming! Lately he has been such a goofball, silly faces, constantly hiding behind things, and trying to talk to us. Occasionally he throws a tantrum or two (like, if you don’t let him gnaw on the metal AppleTV remote…) but these also make me laugh. 
All in all, I’d say 2015 was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and it felt like a long time, but it was really, a very a short time. This year threw some curveballs (eczema, postpartum depression and sleep deprivation– to name a few) and all at the same time it held the most magical moments that I will treasure for my entire lifetime. First smiles, laughs and steps. The first time Lincoln played peek-a-boo on his own. The first time he exclaimed “DONE” at the dinner table. The first time he slept through the night (this, this was my favorite thing ever). Finding my groove working from home. Stealing Lincoln snuggle moments and ‘outings’ whenever possible. Spending track-out playing as a family, napping when we can and watching movies. Learning to cook even more and exploring (way) out of comfort zone new foods. Experiencing physical healing from eczema and learning how to rest and care for myself. Attending Elevation Church in Raleigh and becoming a member of the photography team, which pushed me to learn how to shoot in RAW, edit in Photoshop and how to shoot with a Mark ii (life goals, there… all within a two week span).  We paid off more debt, learned how to survive with me getting a paycheck four times a year. We soaked up a wonderful holiday season with our families while Lincoln was loved on by all of his wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. What a wonderful year! It’s been a wild ride but I am so grateful for it and the way God has carried, taught and loved me. And  this was just THE FIRST ONE with our little guy. The best is yet to come!

Part two with 2016 goals coming tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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