Lincoln is 8 months old!

The Stats:
  • 18 pounds 5 oz ( that is 3+ pounds in one month!) 
  • size 3 diapers,  squeezing into some leftover size 2s during the day 
  • 9 month PJs, wearing a variety of 3-6month onesies to 9 month pants 
  • 6 visible teeth in your mouth! 


  • dada! loves when he makes drum noises or puts you on his shoulders
  • mama holding you, always. 
  • pulling mama’s hair
  • giving kisses
  • music
  • Facetime, any “beeps” the phone makes
  • the button to the lamp in your room


  • strangers, you do not like to be held by someone you don’t know unless it is on your terms or you’ve been formally introduced
  • green vegetables like broccoli, green beans and peas
  • loud noises when you are sleepy 
  • getting teeth 


  • wake from 6-7am nurse, breakfast, bottle at 9am before nap, nap, play after nap until bottle at 12, lunch, play, down for nap at 1-1:30, nap, bottle around 3pm,  play until dada comes home, play while we make dinner, dinner, bottle and bed between 6-7pm. We love having some predictability to our days these days! 

Personality and new tricks: 

  • sitting up like a champ, downward dog to get from belly to sitting sometimes 
  • crawling!
  • pulling up on any and everything, crib, oven, mama’s legs, doorways… 
  • cruising in your crib
  • screeching/squealing still, when super happy and when super sad
  • stranger danger to the max! even when mama is in sight you’d rather she hold you
  • loves to walk when we hold your hands, will crawl to us and use our hands to pull up to walk 

We’re so excited because:

  • we have a date night swap with our friend Sarah and she loves to babysit you!
  • Maria comes on Tuesdays to play with you while mama works
  • we think you are going to walk soon! 
  • you are growing so much, it is a joy to watch! 

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