Nathan + Ashley | Proposal

This day was absolute magic. I was asked by a sweet friend from Meredith to photograph this surprise proposal. I was so worried it was going to rain and it did a little bit, but as it turns out walking in the rain is a favorite past-time of the bride-to-be. How Nathan managed to arrange a little sprinkle, I will never know, but it made the whole day even sweeter.

Friends and family waited for the couple with signs that had romantic quotes from various movies. They stopped at each person and read their sign on the way in. I absolutely love how involved everyone was in the proposal. That is so representative of life, it’s about finding your people and surrounding yourself with those that love, encourage and build you up. Nathan and Ashley are surely blessed with a wonderful group.

After the proposal I galavanted around with the newly engaged couple and snapped a few sweet shots to help them remember the day. It was an absolute joy to get to revel in their newly engaged-ness! They are just glowing in these pictures!

And how about they nailed this jump on the first try! 

Congratulations Nathan and Ashley! It was a joy to be part of this special day! 

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