Lincoln is 7 months old!

The Stats:
  • ~ 15 pounds
  • size 2 diapers (we have 7 1’s left, determined to use them before you’re too big!)
  • Mostly 6 months clothes, some 0-3 onesies still. 6mo footie pjs


  • bathtime and squeals with delight when bath is over! loves the towel, lotion, PJ process
  • Luna and Lobo
  • eating all day
  • jumping in the jumperoo 
  • solids, specifically carrots! 
  • trying to steal mama’s food 
  • rides in the stroller 

  • when people leave the room 
  • the vacuum cleaner
  • kiwi and plums 

  • eating 4-6 times a day, 2 big naps and sleeping well at night, usually waking once or not at all. 1-3 bottles during the day depending on mama’s work stuff; solids 1-3 times a day depending on our day 

Personality and new tricks: 

  • squealing/screaming always. When happy! When mad! When bored!
  • says an undeniable “mamamamamamama” when sad/want to nurse/don’t want to nap
  • sitting up well! Occasionally falls, but usually falls gracefully into tummy time
  • almost crawling! Scooting and crawling backwards. 
  • “walking” while we hold your hands 

We’re so excited because:

  • crawling is imminent!
  • we are going to make a fun upstairs “family” room with all the toys so we can play once you’re mobile
  • going to the pool on Friday 
  • you are a joy! 

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