Lincoln is 6 months old!

The Stats:
  • 14.5 pounds, so tall 
  • size 2 diapers but still squeezing into our leftover 1s during the day
  • rocking 0-6 onesies, 6 month sleepers. Still mostly 0-3 onesies. 
  • there’s serious teething action happening but still haven’t popped through


  • sweet potatoes + bananas, not a huge fan of plums or avocado (unless mixed w/ banana)
  • bathtime is the best! so happy and splashy!
  • music, falling asleep to the Rockabye songs
  • giving kisses, grabbing faces + hair 
  • daddy! so much. 
  • sleeping flat against the corner of your crib
  • rolling all around everywhere, occasionally trying to “crawl” but content to play on your belly 
  • Luna and Lobo! 


  • not being able to chase us around quickly!
  • not being entertained 


  • Up until your 6 month birthday it was: wake 8:30, eat every 4 hours and two big 2-3 hour naps, bedtime around 8pm and sleeping until 5am! Between the 28th and today you have started going to bed at 7, waking at 7 and eating every 3ish hours around the clock. We really liked the 4 hour schedule so feel free to do that again anytime you want.

Personality and new tricks: 

  • belly sleeper all the time. You will roll to your belly as we lay you down in the crib. 
  • rolling all over the place! getting into things, grabbing everything, food while we eat, toys, plates, clothes… 
  • so chatty! you have some distinct happy coo gurgle noises that you do when you’re super happy and fed and a lot of grunting and a “whine” noise when you are not happy. Not a big cryer unless you are hungry and we are postponing meal time with a diaper change. 
  • silly faces are your favorite

We’re so excited because:

  • you’re super close to sitting up
  • eating real food is fun
  • mama is working from home now!

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