Photography…’s live!

Hello hello! Today is an exciting day! It has been rescheduled about a dozen different times. I’ve been working to get all the pieces together and kept running into various proverbial roadblocks, but at long last, my photography page is LIVE.

As of right now I am offering two types of sessions: everyday and wedding day. See details below:

Contact Kellie at with questions or to schedule. 
This is just the beginning! There are several other things in the works that I will spill when ready (so exciting), but get in touch to schedule a session for the fall! 
Some FAQs and answers:
  • How does online viewing work? Will I be able to download my photos? Online viewing is currently powered by Apple Photostreams. You will be able to view all photos and download individually. You will be mailed a USB drive containing all images and rights to print.
  • Do you offer packages for maternity, newborn or family photos? I will gladly put a custom package together for you. Send me dates and details and we will make it happen!
  • If you shoot my wedding, will you also do my bridal portraits? Bridal portraits are one of the things “in the works”, contact me directly for pricing at this time.
  • How can I pay for my session? Is a deposit required? Portrait sessions will be invoiced upon scheduling to secure the date and must be paid prior to the scheduled date. Wedding coverage requires a $500 deposit to secure the date and will be invoiced upon scheduling. Currently all invoices are placed through Square Cash and can be paid by debit card. 

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