Vacations, Doings and Question Marks

Hi from vacation!

I had originally planned to post my photography pricing on Monday of this week. I had also planned to finish all my work for my upcoming online class before Monday. I had also planned to “unplug” a little bit this week. Oh, plans.

Despite all things things that I haven’t done, here’s a few things that I have:

Took my first and precious baby to the ocean! I even let him touch the sand and put his feet in the waves. This was the most joyful and stressful trip to the ocean ever in my life.

Got a pretty killer sunburn on my back day one (disclaimer: my very white baby did NOT) so while my sister and nephews are back at the beach today, I showered and am writing this blog post.

Successfully hooked up a VCR and watched Sweet Home Alabama with my sister. We fast-forwarded through the previews and all.

Threw the freaking baby schedule out the window and rocked and nursed my sweet baby to sleep for every nap and bedtime. I even let him snuggle in bed with me some and he made himself super comfy right in the middle (woke up with a baby butt in my face).

Bought a $4 clearance orange Target sweater right before I came and have literally worn it every single day. Lincoln is fascinated by it.

Realized that I was extremely confused  by and mistaken about work deadlines and somehow readied and opened my course from my teeny tiny iPhone screen. Thank you Lord for all the Google apps.

Made chocolate chip Rice Krispie treats with my sister and Oliver. They go a lot faster when there are 3 people eating them (O keeps pooping on the potty and gets a treat for doing so).

Had breakfast at a table for three days in a row (with my sweet nephews and sister, at that!).

Watched Lincoln belly laugh and try to kiss his cousins, over and over and over and over.

Snuggled a certain 1 year old briefly before bedtime.

Snuggled a certain 3 year old and watched Shark Tale (or Shark Tank as he says) a bazillion times.

Facetimed and sent pictures and videos to Marshall (and missed him with my whole whole whole heart) more times than I can count!

Eaten a lot of fruit and veggies. And Rice Krispie treats (with chocolate chips).

Changed so, very, many diapers.

So, things are getting done. Not things on my “to-do” list per say, but things that matter a little bit more, I think.  Heading home tomorrow to a big computer screen and my new real life. I posted on Instagram about how nine years ago I stayed at this beach house with friends right after we graduated high school. I remember the anticipation and nerves of my whole life ahead of me. What would I major in? Who would I marry? What would I be when I grew up? It is so cool being back here on the other side of all that. I’ve graduated college, married my best friend in the whole world (who I had broken up with before that beach trip nine years ago, ha!), had two amazing teaching jobs and am now an aunt and a mama. Wow.

Sitting here now, I am feeling a bit like that girl from nine years ago. My whole life is ahead of me! I have a work from home job, what will that be like? Um, how do you buy health insurance? How many more kids will I have? Will I ever go back to work? Will I always be a teacher or will I do something else? How successful is my photography business going to be? I am a sucker for any kind of life symmetry, as I like to call it. Things like this always just kind of feel like a little inside joke with God. Being back here just makes me look at how faithful he has been since that last season of uncertainty, and this very visual reminder (he knows my learning style so well) and what it represents just solidifies for me that he will continue to be faithful as I embark in this next season of more question marks.

And for now, I am going to grab another Rice Krispie treat, watch my baby snooze on the monitor and work on a puzzle.

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