Lincoln is Five Months Old!

The Stats:
  • probably around 13 pounds
  • size 2 diapers at night, size 1s during the day until we run out 
  • rocking 0-6 onesies, 6 month sleepers
  • one tooth coming in on the bottom
  • going to bed really early (6pm some days!) 
  • bathtime
  • music, when we sing to you
  • giving kisses
  • playing with and laughing at daddy
  • for mama to hold you when you are sad/tired/mad at your tooth/gassy  
  • still not a huge fan of tummy time (but way better at it!)
  • that you can’t crawl, sit up, walk! obviously frustrated lately, you want to move so badly. 
  • when we try to get your boogers out
  • you love to sleep in until 9:30-10 and then eat every 3 hours, napping 2-3 times a day. you’ve given up nap #4 recently and decided that you’d prefer to go to bed really early which is adorable (old man). still waking 2-3 times at night to eat, although you slept “through the night” (8pm-4am) a few weeks ago. It was a one time event 🙂 
  • naps are about an hour and a half, unless we are late putting you down then they max at 45 minutes. 
  • you love to nap in your crib and stretch out, you don’t really sleep when we are out and about running errands anymore.   
Personality and new tricks: 
  • sleep on your belly with your feet in the rails 
  • roll to your belly for playtime and sleeps, working so hard to roll to your back. You’ve done it once in your crib and almost had it today while we were playing, but can’t quite figure out that one arm.
  • trying to sit up, always. In the swing in the rock-n-play, while playing on the floor, while snuggling… working on your core muscles! today you loved sitting up and held on to daddy to keep you steady. 
  • super smiley and love when we make silly faces or make funny noises at you. 
  • you love to give mama and daddy kisses! we’ll kiss you and you open your mouth and kiss us back. drool and all!

We’re so excited because:
  • we’re going to the beach in a couple of weeks!
  • you are going to try real people food really soon!
  • we survived the 4 month sleep regression (and it was as terrible as they say)! 

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