On Overdoing the Baby Book

Hi, my name is Kellie and I overdo it.

I’ve really done it this time. This time, it’s the baby book. 

I was petrified that if I didn’t have a plan for documenting Lincoln’s first year before he was born that I would neglect it, or start something, not really be invested and not finish it. So I started… a few things.

First, the Traditional Baby Book. You know, with fillable pages, places to tape pictures in, etc. I searched high and low for a baby book that wasn’t covered in baby chickens and rattles and found this awesome, simple, book from Kiki Comin which my graphic designer husband even gave his seal of approval to. It has some pages at the beginning about mommy and daddy, the day you were born, etc. but when it comes to monthly updates, no frills. Simple, simple, simple. Stats, likes, dislikes, new tricks, things to remember. The Kiki Comin book is open ended and not overwhelming. I’ve been updating each month with an Instax pictures on the official “month birthday” and putting stats and all that. Throughout the month when something fun happens I try to remember to write it in, but sometimes I forget because you, know, life. When I’m on my A-game I bring our Instax places (like our first trip to Pullen park a few weeks ago) to get a variety of pictures. Overall, I give the design and simplicity an A+. It lends a lot of flexibility of design, but gives enough structure that you don’t feel overwhelmed and compelled to fill every single page.

Next, the Baby Twitter. I’m almost embarrassed to write that. Let me start by saying, it isn’t what it sounds like (that’s a total lie, it’s exactly what it sounds like). There is an urban legend that there are websites where you can create Tweet books. Sync your little Twitter account, do a little jig and ta-da! a baby book. Turns out, I haven’t really been able to find a reputable site that gives you a Tweet book. Although, I am most proud of the idea behind this. I do love some social media, and I figured that I would have my phone in hand most times for baby milestones. Snap a little picture, send a little Tweet and there it would be time-stamped and dated for my reminiscing pleasure. So far, I have mostly totally forgotten that this Twitter account existed and I tend to Tweet days later and at some point I started feeling super guilty for always having my phone in hand and haven’t really documented things as they happen, more like days later. It has come in handy when writing stuff in the real baby book up top to reference when things happened… assuming I remembered to tweet them.

And thirdly, the Instagram hashtag. I didn’t actually plan to do this, it just happened once I started putting Lincoln in his crib around 6 weeks. Two weeks in a row I took a picture of him in his crib and then I decided to keep doing it. I tried to retroactively go back and tag some of the early weeks, but then realized that he never was in his crib those weeks because I was not a fan of putting him down (ever). Oops.

Aaaaaand fourthly. The monthly pictures and blogposts (and all those weekly pregnancy posts!). I guess I’ll do something with those pictures besides Instagram them with you know, the hashtag. But pretty much those blogposts are verbatim what goes in the real baby book.

So…. the good news is, some things never change. Once an overdoer, always and overdoer. Here’s the not so good news: I’m not usually a finisher. (Not going to say how many projects I’ve started that are currently taking up places in my lady cave right now…mostly because there are too many to count). Motherhood has brought out a new drive in me to finish what I start so it will be interesting to see if I can keep it up until December!

If I had to choose right now which one I like the most, I think I like the idea of the Instagram and Twitter baby documenting in real time and possibly going back at the end to create a photo book combining it all. Not sure yet if that’s what I’ll do, or if I’ll print his Instagrams for the baby book.

So, to Pregnant Kellie of the Past:
Kudos on wanting to have a plan but next time pick ONE thing. Just ONE. Love ya, you creative lady, you.
Sleep Deprived with No Time to do Anything Kellie of the Present

Of course I can’t leave this post without reading into this whole experience a little bit. I’ve always struggled with overcommitment and committing to everything (Oh! The possibilities of ALL THE THINGS!). I’m learning a lot recently about the difference between having ideas and acting on them (turns out, you don’t actually have to do everything you think you should do…) and this is just a very real and tangible illustration of the age old “don’t bite off more than you can chew [KELLIE]”. Thankful for my God and that even after 27 years he is still trying to shape me into the best version of myself. Also thankful that Lincoln’s first year will be well documented. 

One thought on “On Overdoing the Baby Book

  1. i think we often have dreams and plans for the kind of person we HOPE we are – and i don't think that's wrong or bad or anything, it just is what it is… but when we do that, we kind of set up unrealistic expectations for ourselves. the most important thing, though, is that even in the midst of that we have lots of GRACE for ourselves.

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