Repost: A Sleepy Surprise

I originally wrote this in secret last year before telling everybody about our bun in the oven. I posted on May 4, 2014 and have re-posted it today in celebration of taking a positive pregnancy test a year ago today. Awww, nostalgia! 

While ziplining in Asheboro, no idea that I was preggo. Pretty sure that was not safe. 

Hanging out with giraffes at the zoo. During our walk around the zoo we literally talked about how great it was we were waiting to have kids because, and I quote, “we can do whatever we want!” 

The cherry limeade I consumed (not pictured: cheesy tots) after I tried to drive us home from Asheboro, but had to pull over and switch with Marshall to keep from falling asleep at the wheel. 
Let me just preface this with:  this baby is super efficient. In fact, this baby is SO efficient he/she is arriving approximately 2 years early! It’s no secret that we were waiting to be debt free, or almost debt free to have a conversation about have a baby. Sometimes you make plans, and different ones happen and you roll with it, right? 
So, I’m barely pregnant at this point, at least compared to all the other pregnant ladies I know. I have a friend at work who is 30 weeks along with twins, 3 (three!) small group friends expecting at 11, 13 and 36 weeks. I am hanging out here at 6.5 weeks and nobody knows it. 
Let’s talk about the day we found out, shall we? It all started two Fridays ago when I was driving us home from the zoo. I suddenly was exhausted. Could not hold my eyes open while driving and I switched with Marshall and passed out immediately in the passenger’s seat. This is not totally out of the ordinary for me, to sleep in the car, so I didn’t think much about it, even after when I woke up feeling nauseous and decided that only cheesy tots and a cherry limeade from Sonic would make me feel better. Totally normal, right? 
The next week at work I was super sleepy in the afternoon (not out of the ordinary) and I just kept thinking,  ”Man! I need to go paleo again!” On Monday I was telling a co-worker how I had been stuffy, which was weird because I’m not allergic to pollen and she said “Maybe you’re pregnant!” I laughed at her, because stuffiness is not a pregnancy symptom (sidenote:  it is)That did make me realize that I was a little late, but again, not out of the ordinary for me. On Friday, in the afternoon I was so exhausted and kept yawning and another teacher made a comment that pollen made people sleepy, and then randomly, out of nowhere said, “…or, maybe you’re pregnant!” I replied, “That would be expensive” and decided that paleo would start the very next day, because clearly I looked with child. 
That night I talked to Marshall about girl things and decided I’d wait another week or so to buy some pregnancy tests. The next morning I woke up and found one in our bathroom and just decided to pee on it for some peace of mind. I’ve taken a few “not pregnant” ones before (not my first time being “late”), and it doesn’t take very long for them to decide that you are not pregnant. This one thought for a long time. A long time. It took the whole 3 minutes advertised on the box. “Not” did not show up. 
I crawled back into bed and said, “I took a pregnancy test. (Dramatic pause. Acknowledging noise from Marshall. Turned out to be a sleep noise.) It doesn’t say I am not pregnant.” And we laid there for a while in silence. You know, until we had to get up to go to the 4,000 Step Walkathon for First Choice Pregnancy Solutions. 
Yep. We went to a pro-life walkathon that day. A day about babies. If a lady wasn’t pregnant, she was wearing one in a carrier. We went through a series of displays during the walk, one of the first being “This is how much a baby costs” and later one of fetal development of these giant posters of what a baby looks like at each developmental stage. Basically our baby looked like a shrimp. This was all very real. And of course, since “baby” was the theme of the day and we don’t have one, everyone in our small group kept asking and making jokes about when we are finally gonna have one. I just remember smiling, wide-eyed and laughing and saying, “Eventually.” Over. And over. Inside, I was screaming, “December, actually. That’s when. December of this year. December!” We also hightailed out of there as soon as we were done walking to go buy some more pregnancy tests. Spoiler alert: they also did not say not
So! You are reading this because the secret is out and we are adding a little person to our family! My week or so at this point of knowledge of being pregnant has been pretty normal. Despite reverting to an very infant-like feeding and napping schedule, I feel pretty normal just really sleepy. All the internet says that morning sickness is forthcoming, so I just have to make it through the rest of the school year without throwing up on anyone. 
Our first ultrasound is on May 29, so really I’m just counting down the days until I get to see the little gal / guy  and know that this is for real. It is amazing how quickly and slowly time is passing. May 29 is taking forever, but I feel like December will be here before we know it!

Some of our small group (self titled: The Cascade of Awesomeness) at the Walk-a-Thon! This was also (what I like to call) our engageaversary. I find it very fitting we found out this news on this day. Great memories!

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