Target Does It Again: My "Diaper" Bag

Oh, the diaper bag. Before Lincoln was born I searched high and low for a diaper bag that met a few of my first time mom criteria:

  • In my price range ($50-$100 tops!)
  • Not overtly “diaper bag looking”; no baby prints, flowers or pastels
  • capacity to hold big things (Moby wrap +  essentials) but lightweight for just the basics 

I could NOT find one that met all three! Usually it was what I wanted but cost $100 or more and I just could not justify spending that much money or asking someone else to. We were given several diaper bags at our baby showers so in Lincoln’s first few weeks of life I tried each of those out Goldilocks style. One was too big and I kept running into people with it. One was too small and wouldn’t quite fit all the things I needed, especially if I wanted to bring the wrap with me. So, I began to look at the Orla Kiely bags at Target, but still they looked so diaper baggy to me, and then on a whim I looked at their totes and found the weekender handbag  by Mossimo which after a month or so of use is– you guessed it: just right.

With a super reasonable price of $34.99, this bag is everything! It has three big pockets on the front that close with magnetic buttons that I have assigned to hold my Camelbak water bottle (holds it upright so it doesn’t leak!), my wallet, phone & keys in the other, and the third is designated for the Wubbanub so it doesn’t get lost in the depths of the big part.
Inside it has a zipper pocket and a few smaller pockets that usually hold my lip balm, or nursing accessories or snacks. The inside part is roomy and spacious and capable of holding lots and lots of baby things, which make this one of the most functional bags I’ve ever had. I can just throw in the diaper changing essentials and a change of clothes for a super lightweight bag, but if I am going to be gone for a long time and want to bring the Moby, lots of diapers, several changes of clothes among other things it expands to fit it all. Even full, it fits well in the basket underneath our jogger stroller, and a few times for quick errands I can just carry it while I push the snap and go, or just carry Lincoln running in somewhere without my shoulder hurting after a while.
It has two smaller shoulder straps which fit me perfectly. The other bag I tried had two shoulder straps that constantly fell off my shoulder and the other was a crossbody messsenger style but was a little too small so it constantly ended up across my neck. With this bag I have only used the big strap a handful of times, but I much prefer the smaller straps. My husband has carried it on occasion (like a champ) and uses the big strap, which I think fits his height better. 
In my past experiences with Target purses, they aren’t the most dependable in terms of wear and tear, but the (p)leather(?) straps and panel on the bottom make this bag feel way more durable for the everyday wear. Also, since the print is white (oopsies) having that leathery part on the bottom makes me feel better about the places that I inevitably end up putting the bag (read: the ground).
In addition to its functionality, my favorite part is that it is pretty! The leaf pattern is a little more whimsical than a solid color or stripes, and it is colorful enough that it feels fun yet coordinates with whatever I am wearing. Lincoln is finally seeing things and starting to feel things with his hands (before pulling it to his mouth to taste!) and I think the bag got his seal of approval the other day.
Target does it again! Now if we could just get “moms with small children” parking spots and a nursing room with recliners in our Targets, we’d be in business. Regardless, we love you, Target. 

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