Lincoln is 2 Months Old!

The Stats:
  • You almost weigh 10 pounds! You are gaining about an ounce a day. 
  • You wear size 1 diapers. We discovered you have your mama’s sensitive skin so switched to Honest diapers. We got a deal on buying them online and they have super fun designs on them! You love the super hero KAPOW ones. I know you do. 
  • We’ve retired many of the newborn onesies and you are wearing 0-3 clothes. 
  • Snuggle naps
  • Sleeping at night (7 hours is your personal best!)
  • Tummy time!
  • Playing! We get on the floor and play with toys and you kick your legs and love it. 
  • Bath time! We’ve recently started putting you in the big boy tub and you LOVE to kick your feet and splash! You were splashing up a storm tonight in the bath for almost half an hour, just talking and splashing… you even smiled at me towards the end. You love it. 
  • Sleeping in your crib! But also, see below. 
  • Burping. You hate to burp. And you hate when you have a burp that won’t come out. 
  • Sleeping in your crib! For almost a whole week you slept through the night (5-7 hours) in your crib but all of a sudden it is not so good anymore. Same for naps, you napped in your crib for 1-2 hours morning and afternoon but then suddenly, not so much. 
  • Boogers. You’ve been stuffy and you get so mad when you have a booger (and when I try to get it out). You’ll lay in your crib in your sleep and rub your nose. 
  • You laugh in the face of a schedule, muahahaha! We’ve got a good eat-play-sleep routine down, but times vary. With a few exceptions you sleep 5-7 hours a night and then go back down for 2.5 more before getting up for the day. You like to eat every two and half hours during the day, play for a little bit then snuggle to sleep. It’s a great life. 
Personality and new tricks: 
  • We’ve gotten a few solitary smiles where you see us and grin for a MAGICAL second and then go back to looking around. You are so happy when you are happy! And quite angry when you are angry. You commit. 🙂 
  • Rolling to your belly! You did this in the middle of the night one night when I was coming to feed you and so now we cannot swaddle you anymore for sleeps. This is tricky because those darn hands keep you awake, but we are doing our best 🙂 You do this sometimes when playing on the floor and you acted like you were trying to do it today on the couch when I changed your diaper. You have places to go! 
We sure love you, Lincoln baby. Can’t remember what life was like before you! 

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