2015 Goals: Simplify | Wardrobe

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Phillipians 4:12-13

I am not by any means a fashion blogger (all the people I went to high school with just laughed out loud), but part of my goals for this year were to simplify various parts of my life, including my wardrobe. I have been following the concept of a capsule wardrobe for some time through Caroline Joy’s blog, Un-fancy and Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge and it always seemed like a good idea, but I could never get muster up the courage to actually go through my clothes and gulp– get rid of them. I really became motivated to do this during my pregnancy when my closet was full to the brim of stuff that I couldn’t wear and borrowed maternity clothes from people and getting dressed in the morning was so, just so overwhelming. Also, I was so tired of doing laundry. It took forever.  I told myself that I would wait until the baby came and then my friend Lauren, who was pregnant at the same time as me, did a capsule wardrobe while she was with belly! I was officially inspired and could not wait until I was back on my feet after delivery so I could start simplifying my closet.

Using the Un-fancy guide to a capsule wardrobe says to have 37 pieces of clothing, not including PJs or lounge clothes. I have not counted the items left in my closet but I would say that it is probably in the forty something range. The biggest challenges I ran into while putting my capsules together were two-fold:

  • emotional attachments to clothes (hello, top I wore in our engagement pictures that doesn’t fit so great anymore and leggings with holes in them that I bought while studying in Spain…) 
  • and my current postpartum body situation. 

I decided that if I hadn’t worn something since moving into our house (3 years ago), it was time to say goodbye and for things that I wore pre-pregnancy that I really like but doesn’t quite fit right now I put it into the “we’ll try again next season” box. Here’s to hoping that breastfeeding magical calorie burning (and my recent decrease in consumption of brownies) kicks in soon…

I keep my work and everyday clothes together and ended up with four different capsules: staples, fall/winter, spring/summer, and maternity.

  • staples: short sleeve shirts (mostly solid colors or stripes) that can be worn year round; cardigans of various colors (black, white, ivory, mustard and teal); several skirts and dresses that can be worn in warmer weather or paired with leggings and boots for colder temps. 
  • fall/winter: long sleeves & sweaters and my favorite puffy vest 
  • spring/summer: shorts, skirts, some sleeveless dresses 
  • maternity: this box is going in the attic for some time 🙂 pants, tops, dresses, belly bands and all are going into storage (minus the jeggings and leggings that I am still wearing). Also, I like having it all together in the event that I want to let someone borrow the stuff, I know exactly where it is and what I have! 
So far, this has been amazing. Like my friend Lauren said, it is like going into your closet and it is all your favorite things to wear! I am finding it is way easier to keep up with laundry and I am not even tempted to really impulse buy clothes at Target anymore because I have specific things in mind that I want, not just random clothes. On my radar for spring/summer I want a pair of brown sandals and black sandals (to replace my 3 year old Target ones that are worn out) and some shorts and a bathing suit. I go back to work for a little while next week so we shall see if the novelty of the capsule wardrobe remains. It could just be awesome because  I am on maternity leave and am always wearing some variation of this lately. Not pictured: dog hair, spit up, poop, maternity leggings, and un-plucked eyebrows. Pictured: sleepy baby, bathrobe, layers of maternity tanks, unwashed hair. 

All in all, I feel this wardrobe situation is a great step in a direction of finding contentment and focusing on what matters most. Excited to see how it goes!

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