2015 Goals: Part Two

I was originally hoping that February 1st could be my January 1st… and then suddenly it was February 2nd and this post wasn’t done yet. I had my goals in mind but they weren’t specific enough and so I then decided to dedicate some of my down time (read: feeding baby time) to getting specific. Here goes, my 2015 goals! 

Financial Freedom. Our debt snowball was put on pause due to the arrival of baby Lincoln, so my goal is to get that up and rolling again once I have an income again. Once we are working again the goals are to: 
  • pay off the bottom Sallie Mae Loan (currently $2,976.95) 
  • get the balance second smallest ($8,203.68) under $5k! 

Simplify. Clutter is my nemesis. I cannot focus to save my life if there is clutter. I never realized how much of my life is bogged down by just the hoarding of things in the hope that I might need it or use it someday. This feeling to get rid of everything that wasn’t being used started when I was pregnant and nesting and has carried over into my mom life. I also just want to feel like I am being a good steward of my things, starting with knowing what things I have and that they have a purpose. This goal encompasses many areas of my life. 
  • WardrobeRight now my closet is a hodgepodge of maternity clothes and pre baby clothes that may or may not fit. In 4 ginormous boxes in the attic are my normal clothes that were a combination of leftovers from college and pre baby days that may or may not fit and that I may or may not like. My goal is to get rid of clothes and consolidate into a capsule wardrobe for each season and a maternity capsule in the event I forget what having a baby felt like and want to do that again.
  • Baby stuff. We were so fortunate to receive a TON of baby stuff (clothes, toys, other random things, etc) new as gifts and a ton of hand me downs. It is so overwhelming! I had no idea how much of anything we would actually need so I just kind of kept everything that crossed our path thinking we might need it at some point. My goal is to go through all the stuff and weed out stuff we know he won’t wear, we won’t need etc. and give it to someone else (it would appear there is a Raleigh baby boom) who may need it or donate to First Choice Pregnancy Solutions. 
  • Kitchen stuff. Again, I had no idea what we would need as far as dishes go when we got married so I kept any and everything that someone gave us or that was on sale or that someone was giving away. There is a ton of stuff that we never use and that I dust every time I clean the kitchen, even though it has never been used. My goal is to go through and consolidate the items that we use and get rid of things that we don’t. 
  • Food. Oh, it is time to get healthy (because I kind of missed the boat on the healthy pregnancy thing, hello baked brie all day everyday). I want to eat food with fewer ingredients (like, spinach, for example), less fast food (we seriously eat Chick Fil A at least once a week… if not more), and plan meals and grocery shop with meals in mind. I don’t want to waste food or have surprises sitting in the fridge/freezer/pantry. 

What Matters Most. I am a mom now! Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real. Once little guy was here everything else just became background noise. This year I want to do the mom thing well. I don’t want to miss a thing! Unforunately, not working is not an option for us financially (see Goal 1, gotta get outta debt!) but when I am not at work I want to put my phone down and be present. I want to spend time with my little guy and my big guy doing things that matter. I want to spend time with my sister and her family. I want to make this year count. 

Have more fun. This year I want to spend (some) time doing things I enjoy. Singing. Blogging. Reading. Being outside. Snuggling. Traveling. Taking pictures. Things that make me a human with preferences and hobbies. 

I think if I were to sum this year up into one word (a la Lara Casey) it would be freedom. Freedom from the stuff tying me down, debt, clutter, unhealthy food, social media, and overworking. Oh (the rest of) 2015, I am so excited for you. 

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