Lincoln is 1 Month Old!

Lincoln, you are one month old! 
The Stats:
  • You weigh at least 8 lbs. 1oz, if not more. I weighed you a week ago so you are probably at least 8.5 lbs. by now and growing like a weed! (PS: So proud of us on this front, we struggled to stay awake the first week or so of your life, so the fact that you are growing and gaining is most wonderful!) 
  • You are still wearing newborn diapers and most newborn onesies are fitting you pretty well. You are able to wear most 0-3 onesies because you are super long, but you are skinny like your daddy (I’d like to say “like your mama” for that one, but not so much). I anticipate another month or so in newborn diapers, but we will see. We ordered a few hundred and grandpa brought some yesterday so we are good for a few more weeks hopefully. 
  • Didn’t officially measure you, but you were still around 21.5″ at your 2 week appointment, so my guess is you are probably around 22 inches by now. We’ll measure you at your 2 month appointment in a few weeks. 
  • You love to be held, which makes your mama so happy. We have acquainted ourselves with the Moby wrap and the Ergo carrier which both you like and take pretty awesome naps in. 
  • Bathtime! You just sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bathroom sink baby spa. It is so fun to watch you so relaxed (and awake).
  • Sleeping. You love to sleep. The past few days you have pulled a 5 hour stretch at night which is pretty fantastic. Keep it up 🙂 Yesterday you slept for two hours in your crib! I was so proud of you and also so sad you were sleeping so good without me. 
  • Snuggling. You much prefer to be in somebody’s arms. 
  • Falling asleep on your own, you would much rather someone rock you (more specifically, walk around bouncing you while humming) to sleep. 
  • Cold wipes! I honestly don’t think I would like these either, especially as a way to be woken up. 
  • When you are mad (or sleepy and fighting it) you do not like to do anything for more than about 45 seconds. You should see the silly things your daddy does to keep you happy… 
  • We are not on a schedule at all. We were until the doctor said we didn’t have to wake you at night and you have pretty much thrown all predictability out the window– which is totally fine. We know you are predictable in that:
    • You like to eat every three hours (or two… or hour and a half)
    • After you eat sometimes you like to play (read: lay down in your crib or on the play mat and talk and kick your feet)
    • Other times after eating you like to go right to sleep.
  • Much to my dismay we don’t have any social smiles yet, but all the reading says any day now (between now and 2 months)! I am so excited, your sleep smiles are SO cute. 
  • You are pretty laid back, just like your mama and daddy. You really only cry when you are hungry or tired or are working through some gas or reflux issues. So grateful you aren’t one of those “cry because I’m awake” kind of babies… 
Love you little Lincoln, to the big ole moon and back! 

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