Baby Boy Update: 37 weeks

How big is baby: 37 weeks | the size of a wintermelon (~6.5 lbs) 

Verse that I am clinging to: Take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33 

How I’m feeling: PREGNANT. Truthfully, feeling pretty great all things considered. I think being sick for two weeks really put pregnancy into perspective. It’s not that bad even though sharing your body with a full term baby has its physical challenges that revolve mostly around sitting up/down, getting up/down by yourself. Also, people are ridiculous. Strangers ask super personal questions and make really ridiculous comments. Although I met two ladies at open house at FA the other night and they kept saying (over and over) that I looked (direct quote) “awesome for being so close to your due date!” I have never ever wanted to hug strangers so much in my life. Two ladies: you’re my favorites. I hope somebody bought you a latte. 

Progress: Doctor said my cervix was soft, but completely closed. So… probably not anytime soon. Also, I am pretty sure I vowed I would never post anything like this on the internet, but suddenly it is of interest to me and I want to remember the details so sorry, Internet. You’re right though, Internet, cervix talk is weird. 

Symptoms: Back, hip, pelvic pain like crazy. I am convinced I won’t know if I am having contractions because everything hurts belly button down. Eczema is crazy and I either have that or that PUPPP rash (so many P’s) on my sides and belly. Doc wasn’t sure which it was and treatment is the same. Which means there is nothing to do but be itchy. Story of my life. Also, wore my boots to work the other day and stood up for like 10 hours and I’ve never seen feet so big. Big fingers and big feet. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Normal Kellie stuff: cheese, bread, Dr. Pepper, apple juice. 

Weight gain/loss: I didn’t gain any weight since my last appointment. I’m right at gaining 35-36 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight so I must stop now. 

Sleep: Not so much. Itchies, heartburn, hip/back pain make things a challenge. I took a Benadryl the other night and it helped tremendously. The itchies are brutal. 

Exercise: Walking walking walking walking walking. I changed babywatch from Friday the 19th to whenever he feels like coming. I want to snuggle this kid in some cute footie jammies on Christmas, okay?

Movement: Quality is so different, I can feel him moving but I feel little jabs here and there and the occasional slight roll to the left or right. I kind of miss his big crazy kicks (flips, rolls, punches, dance moves) but I am so, super, excited that he is getting big and ready for life on the outside. He probably has chubby baby cheeks. I die. He definitely enjoys meal time and moves the most when I am eating or drinking. 

Best moment of the week: Went to breastfeeding class on  Monday last week and got lots of info. Can’t say it eased any of my worries/anxiety but the teacher is so awesome. She did our labor and delivery class and I love her. Got our big belly maternity pictures back from Stephanie and picked some out to print! Got to spend time with our small group last Thursday and it was great. I laughed til I cried (not surprised) and just really enjoy being around those people. Finished like 90% of the lesson plan things I need to for my substitutes. I’m a little OCD about work stuff so I just have some finishing touches to put on their binders. Both of my substitutes are amazing and wonderful. I am so grateful to be leaving my work in such good hands where I don’t have to worry. 

What I’m loving: Although people are ridiculous, some people are super kind and thoughtful. People at work are sweet and let me skip them in the bathroom line and strangers out and about get doors for me and offer to carry things and sometimes just smile at me. That is lovable. 

What I’m looking forward to: Small group Tacky Christmas Dirty Elephant Sweater Palooza (or whatever we called it last year) on Thursday! And Christmas. And trackout. And being a mama. Lately been getting so pumped for boy mom things. Super heroes, trains, tractors, bulldozers, cars, mom + Lincoln dates… I’m ready. 

Last week’s baby to do
  • TY notes from Hillsborough shower
  • finish maternity leave plans for FA
  • finish “if needed” emergency info for NCVPS course
  • finish packing our bags
  • type up birth plan for “hospital” folder 
  • wash pacis + burp cloths
  • print pediatrician paperwork for “hospital” folder
  • follow up with cord blood donation regarding kit (they emailed me after I wrote this earlier in the week, we are good to go, got the kit and everything!) 
  • sterilize breast pump parts (may not get to this as it is a way low priority right now, it has just been on my list for a while and I want to check it off) not done, just pushing pause… not a high priority until really after L is here. there are other things that must be done! 
  • clean out the car and install carseat base (Marshall did this while I was typing this! There is a carseat in my backseat and a stroller in my trunk!) 
  • fill out cord blood donation paperwork and put kit in the trunk
  • put hospital bags in the trunk (pack dogs for daycare)

This week’s baby to do

  • not go into labor during my friend’s wedding 
  • clean the house/nest to my heart’s content
  • finalize sub binders for my maternity leave substitutes

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