Baby Boy update: 36 weeks

How big is baby: 36 weeks | the size of a honeydew melon (~5.5 lbs.) 

Verse that I am clinging to: “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever!”  Revelation 5:13b

How I’m feeling: This week has definitely been a turning point. I am finally getting over my sickness, my OB gave me a Z-pack for what he believed to be a sinus infection, and in case I ended up having strep. Strep test came back negative, and I was running a low fever so sinus infection it probably was. On the final day of antibiotics and feeling a little better, finally. On the pregnancy front, I am definitely feeling it. Aches and pains everywhere. 

Symptoms: Lots of pelvic aches, pains and pressure. He feels a lot lower and I am guessing things are loosening up for the main event. It is super hard to get comfortable to sleep, and is hard to stand up and sit down by myself, feels like I pulled all those muscles.  Heartburn still lingers (although I can get by with one Zantac a day), eczema is raging all first trimester-like, and I am quite tired. Braxton Hicks contractions have increased in frequency without regard for how much I am sitting or drinking water. This sinus infection has spurred some really scary asthma episodes. It would seem that heartburn, asthma, and congestion are the Pregnancy Trifecta. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Feel like I’ve come full circle back to first trimester. Feeling a little nauseous, not a big appetite and really all I want is carbs (specifically, baked brie). Sweet potatoes are awesome, as are Bojangles mashed potatoes. Oh, and APPLE JUICE. Drank 2 big bottles from Aldi by myself that I bought Sunday, by Wednesday. Marshall got me a big Simply Apple which I finished off Saturday night. 

Weight gain/loss: Weighed in last week, I’ve gained 36 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. Hoping to keep my gain under 40 total, little dude could gain up to two more pounds between now and due date so we shall see. 

Sleep: For every hour I am “asleep” I would say I am actually asleep 10 minutes. The others are spent tossing and turning, waking up in between weird dreams (lately about breastfeeding or my due date) or going to the bathroom or trying to find my Tums or water bottle in the dark. I did have an epic Saturday and Sunday nap for almost 4 hours off and on. It was much needed, for sure. I have also learned how to sleep sitting up. I stack 4 pillows on top of each other, lay my body pillow at an incline on them and then snuggle it sitting up. The first night I did that I slept almost 8 hours straight with only one potty trip. It was crazy. The past few nights haven’t worked as well since my pelvis/hips are all achy, but still a breakthrough! 

Exercise: Stretching some and walking some. Next time around I am doing yoga through the whole thing. 

Movement: He is still super wiggly, although it comes in spurts. Whatever foot thing was popping out on the left side has been MIA this week, so I am thinking he might be facing my back. I feel like kicks and punches but they feel very much on the inside, or down near my pelvis. He is not rolling around like he was, surely space is becoming limited in there. 

Best moment of the week: This is probably sad, but my doctor appointment was the best. Got antibiotics, and he measured a week ahead (on time for original due date 12/24) and I got really excited at the thought of having a baby here at Christmastime. In my head I was kind of preparing for early January since 12/31 is the due date and first babies can tend to be late, but for several hours I was SO EXCITED. Trying to talk myself back down in case I go on Wednesday and show no signs of labor or if he measures on time for 12/31. We’ve started talking about having half-birthday parties in the summer, especially if he comes close to Christmas and I’m getting really excited about boy mom stuff. Bring on the laser tag and go cart birthday parties! Also, went to a breastfeeding class last night which yielded a lot of information, but mostly was a good reality check for living my life in 1.5 hour increments until February. Things are getting real! 

What I’m loving: This is really special time. We are basically living in this weird limbo where we could have a baby tomorrow or in 4 weeks. The anticipation of being a first-time parent is high! It is so tempting to complain, or wish it away but I am really finding that God is giving me the ability to really enjoy it. I am also really grateful that he gives us these uncomfortable few weeks to prepare for the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn. Having things done around the house has lowered my stress level greatly, and we are packed for the hospital, just hanging out and waiting for something amazing to happen! 

What I’m looking forward to: My appointment on Wednesday, I totally misunderstood and thought I would get “checked” last week but did not. This will be good to get an idea of how things are going since we are headed out of town for a friend’s wedding and whether or not we should be on high alert for baby activity. Also, SO excited for my friend Em’s wedding! 

Last week’s baby to do
  • TY notes from Hillsborough shower
  • finish maternity leave plans for FA
  • finish “if needed” emergency info for NCVPS course
  • finish packing our bags
  • type up birth plan for “hospital” folder 
  • wash pacis + burp cloths
  • print pediatrician paperwork for “hospital” folder
  • follow up with cord blood donation regarding kit (they emailed me after I wrote this earlier in the week, we are good to go, got the kit and everything!) 
  • sterilize breast pump parts (may not get to this as it is a way low priority right now, it has just been on my list for a while and I want to check it off) not done, just pushing pause… not a high priority until really after L is here. there are other things that must be done! 

This week’s baby to do

  • finish maternity leave plans for FA
  • finish “if needed” emergency info for NCVPS course
  • clean out the car and install carseat base (Marshall did this while I was typing this! There is a carseat in my backseat and a stroller in my trunk!) 
  • fill out cord blood donation paperwork and put kit in the trunk
  • put hospital bags in the trunk (pack dogs for daycare)

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