A Letter to Lincoln: Your First Room

Hey there little guy,
Your dad and I have been working hard this week (he, way more than I, I am pretty much useless when it comes to hanging or lifting anything) to put some finishing touches on your first room. This is not the first room you will sleep in, by any means, but this room was designed with you in mind.

Your dad and I, we love adventure. Actually, adventure should always be followed by an exclamation point. Adventure! Really, anything can be an adventure, a trip, a weekend spent at home, you name it, we can make it adventurous, kid. Your room was inspired by a really fun movie we like called Up, we’ll have to watch it sometime. This guy goes on a big adventure by attaching a lot of balloons to his house and floating up, up, up and away! It is quite fun.

 These things are called diapers. We are not sure yet which kind will be the kind we/you like the best, and thankfully lots of people gave us lots of different kinds. If we were going by looks alone, I’d choose the hot air balloons on the left… those are my favorite.

There is this really cool place called New York City. Your dad and I went there in April of 2011 and he asked me to be his wife there! It was April 24, 2011 to be exact. Fun fact: we found out about you on April 24, 2014! Your dad spotted this fun drawing of NYC not long after we knew you were on the way and had to have it. I think he did a good job picking it out. Maybe someday we can take you. 

This, my friend, will hopefully make you sleepy. Or at least give you something to look at when you are refusing to sleep in your crib. I made it with some clouds my friend Sarah cut out for me by sewing them together. Didn’t know you could sew paper together? Me either! I was pleasantly surprised. This was fun to make and also kind of challenging. Your dad helped me finish it because sometimes building stuff that is supposed to hang straight is hard for me. 

My friend Sarah (that cut the clouds for us) made this awesome sign. It is from wood at her parents’ mountain house where your dad and I stayed right after we got married in September 2011. She knew we love adventure and painted this sweet sign. It is one of my most favorite things in this room. She did an amazing job matching the paint of the letters to the walls in here. That turtle guy it pretty cool, he projects stars onto the ceiling when it is dark, and that thing on the right makes some really sleepy-making noises that sound like the ocean. I think you’ll love them. 

These little cars were mine when I was… not-so-little. I used to drive a little red car like this (we call it a ‘bug’) and we called it Kermit. For a while I collected little cars like these and your Aunt Cassidy got me that wooden one when she went to Ecuador in college. Pretty cool stuff. I think you will have fun playing with these when you get a little bigger.  
Here on this shelf is one of the only pictures we have of you right now. Aren’t you cute!? You are one wiggly little kid, but they were able to get a good shot of your noggin for us a few months ago at one of my doctor appointments. I think you kind of look like me here (your dad thinks I am silly) so we will see in just a few weeks who you really look like. I also found these cool letter blocks a few weeks ago for you to play with. These are great fun! Your Aunt Cassidy made that neat Paradise Falls jar for us too, it is also from the movie Up. I put lots of coins in there from my travels around the world that I have collected over time. I’ve been to Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, France and Peru. When you get big and travel, you’ll have to remember to save some coins to add to the jar.

All good adventures start with a dream. Get to dreaming, kiddo! 

This is your dad and I when you were about 20 weeks old in my belly. You weren’t so big then, but we wanted to take some pictures to share with our friends that you were going to be a boy. 

Up top is me when I was a baby. You may notice that I am a little bit bald. I was like this until I was over a year old, so if you don’t have any hair, don’t worry, it is normal. Underneath are some super cool dollars from Costa  Rica called colones. They are super colorful and fun (and we can’t spend them here) so I thought they would be a neat thing to look at on the wall. 

That bald baby up there is your dad. Yep. Seriously, you may not have any hair for a while. He was born in Texas and his mom (your Gigi) gave us this fun picture and frame to compare when you are born so we can see who he looks like. I thought it was an excellent addition to your wall. 

 This is the whole world! This globe was in my first classroom when I started teaching. 
Your Aunt Cassidy made this awesome bicycle blanket for you. It is super soft! We are bringing it to the hospital with us so we can make sure you are nice and warm on the way home since it will be winter time. I see lots of snuggles with this blanket in our future! 

Your curtains are extra fun. I am not so good at sewing but I was able to sew some straight lines to make this fun fabric into curtains. Look at all that fun stuff…soon you will know the words for all of those things. Maybe someday we’ll get some markers and color them in… 

 Look, more diapers! I’ve been organizing this drawer over and over, I think it has a lot of what we’ll need in there. You’ll notice that some friends of ours wrote messages on those diapers for us to make us laugh. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take pictures of the funny ones to show you later.

Look at all those socks! Your cousins Charlie & Oliver gave you a ton of socks (which Lobo is probably going to take, Luna will probably take them right off your feet) and your Gigi and Aunt Olivia found those awesome gray sneakers for you on the left. Your dad has some black ones like it and I have some red ones that we wore to prom in high school. We’ll have to get a picture of all of us in our matching sneakers. 

These are all your newborn clothes! So many friends and family gave us so many things for you to wear, little guy. If it were up to us, you’d probably have maybe a fourth of this stuff. We are just so grateful. Your dad is super excited about that little outfit with the motorcycle on it.

I’ve started packing your bag to take with us to the hospital. It’s got some blankets and clothes and other things in there for you to use… I just need to pack my bag and your dad’s and we’ll be all ready to go. 

I got these little stuffed huskies for you from a fun store in Alaska (I ordered them online, didn’t actually go there). I think they are supposed to be the same, but they look a little different to me. Can’t wait to see what you decide to call them. Luna and Lobo are already taken, so you’ll have to come up with something creative…

Adventure awaits! Your Aunt Jamie made that sign for one of our baby showers and we thought it would be perfect right above your bed.

Your dad made an awesome ABC sign that is going to go on the wall there, but he is out getting it printed right now. This is our little corner where we will sit often over the next few months. Little guy, I am so excited for you and for this adventure that is coming. God is so good to us, and all these little details just remind me that he is really in all things, even in the smallest of details, he is there showing his big love for us. If anyone loves adventure, he does, little guy. We  have so many stories to tell you about him when you get here. Get excited. See you in just a few weeks!
Love, Mom

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