Baby Boy Update: 34 weeks

How big is baby: 34 weeks | the size of a cabbage ~4.75

Verse that I am clinging to: again, not a Bible verse, but we are loving the new Christmas album from Rend Collective over here. Makes me want to go to Ireland…immediately. 

For all that you have done for us, for every battle won
we’ll raise a song to bless your heart, for all that you’ve done

How I’m feeling: Fighting a little headcold currently (made way better by Sudafed, a Whopper Jr. and a Dr. Pepper) but otherwise not too bad. Definitely large, bending over is nearly impossible and getting in and out of bed and cars elicits some interesting noises.

Symptoms: the worst heartburn yet! There were two nights this week that no amount of Tums (+ my daily double dose of Zantac) helped and I had to sleep sitting up. Both of these times and a few more times I had to do my inhaler because the burn made my chest tighten and all asthma-y. So grateful for that inhaler of mine! Eczema (and intense itching) comes and goes, swelling in my hands and feet comes and goes. Frequent bathroom trips are becoming even more frequent. Shortness of breath like crazy. Feel him crowding my lungs so much more than before (and am so grateful this is the final stretch!). Haven’t remembered to write this, but daily nosebleeds for the past few months or so. What a weird thing that has become the norm.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Normal Kellie cravings for sure, just really intense. Like, gottahaveitrightnow, intense. Burgers are still my jam.

Weight gain/loss: Gained a total of 30 lbs so far. Did not realize how it just packs on at the end… Definitely keeping that in mind for next time. An estimated pound a week here on out so we shall see! In a wonderful conversation with my husband we discovered that he thought I would gain 50 lbs and I thought I would gain 20lbs. I have since adjusted my expectations to his and don’t feel so bummed anymore…

Sleep: Not super great, no matter what I wake up a few times a night (heartburn, potty, dogs, crazy dreams!) and have a hard time falling back asleep. I wake up pretty consistently around 4 and usually can’t fall back asleep.

Exercise: Been doing a lot of “nesting” and cleaning around the house. This feels like exercise, especially since picking things up off the floor brings an extra challenge.

Movement: Moving like crazy all the time it seems like. This weekend we were at the iPad conference and because I was sitting down so much he was partying all day. It was so fun, especially since he’s so much bigger now. I can tell where his feet and hands are and can imagine his skinny little legs all curled up.

Best moment of the week: We attended and presented at the Teaching & Learning with the iPad conference this weekend. I had some ADORABLE students join me for the student showcase part on Friday and presented on Saturday morning. I didn’t have a huge crowd but had lots of great conversations and got great feedback. Finding out here soon if I’ll be presenting pretty much the same content at NCTIES in March. Definitely found having a baby in my lungs to be difficult for speaking loudly at my normal pace for a presentation but I adjusted after a while.

What I’m loving: Having this week off from face to face work! We got the rest of the baby stuff today and are getting everything settled. Loving it!

What I’m looking forward to: Pictures with Stephanie this weekend and getting his room done and hospital bags packed. Also super excited to see some of my extended in-law family this weekend for Thanksgiving and grandma Joy’s 80th birthday! 

Last week’s baby to do

  • finish getting FMLA paperwork in (there was a problem with the form so have to sort that out, put the new forms in and am playing phonetag with the lady at my doctor’s office! )
  • contact subs to confirm visits + request picture/info for newsletter to send to parents 
  • finish mobiles/hang

This week’s baby to do(giving myself all calendar week to do these things since we are off!) 

  • finish mobiles/hang
  • get crib mattress
  • wash 0-3 + nb clothes; crib sheets; put clothes in dresser 
  • hang pictures on the wall in L’s room, re-arrange chair & shelf & lamp 
  • TY notes from Hillsborough shower
  • organize L’s closet (probably get another bin for clothes) 
  • pack the hospital bag! This turned out to be more than just a simple task, L’s bag is packed, still working on mine & M’s. 
  • finish maternity leave plans for FA
  • finish “if needed” emergency info for NCVPS course 
  • finish designing prints for L’s room 

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