Baby Boy Update: 32 weeks

How big is baby: 32 weeks | the size of a squash
Verse that I am clinging to: Not a verse, but the She Reads Truth study on hymns is just speaking my language lately. 
Come thou fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy grace; 

streams of mercy never ceasing, call for songs of loudest praise! 

How I’m feeling: Pretty normal. Needing to eat all the time and drink water all the time to maintain the normal feeling. I am definitely feeling what it is like to have a real pregnant belly. I was really silly before thinking my belly was big. I’m sure I’ll be laughing at myself even more in about 6 more weeks once little guy is pretty much done cooking. Let’s just say the “full belly” band in my Old Navy Maternity skinny jeans 1) don’t cover my “full”  belly and 2) may cut off circulation to the lower half of my body when on. I discovered this in our labor and delivery class while trying to simulate birthing positions (really) on the floor. Sorry teacher lady, I totally wore the wrong sized pants. Guess I’ll closet these for 4th trimester or next pregnancy (early on).
Symptoms: Heartburn, I have to take two Zantac a day and some Tums at night to keep the burning/chestache away. If I let it go it turns into an asthma attack so…. yeah. We are keeping bottles of Zantac in all the places and my inhaler on me at all times. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I am pretty much a sweet thing craver anyway so this is pretty normal. I did wake up a little nauseous the other day and NEEDED Blue Gatorade (not sure why I chose to capitalize that). I drank that supply up pretty fast and haven’t replenished it (just thinking about makes me want to go to Target right now and get some) and yesterday I saw a wheel of brie at the grocery store and immediately needed to eat baked brie. So I bought it. And baked brie. I ate pretty much half the wheel myself. It was magical.
Weight gain/loss: +27 as of last week (total)
Sleep: I am a pretty sleepy lady. I wake up a few times at night, some of those times not able to go back to sleep immediately, usually the result of the heat coming on (Lawd, it is HOT), needing to pee or heartburn creeping up my windpipe. Or a husky that wants to go outside.
Exercise: Today I had the most vivid day dream of Pregnant Kellie in cute pregnant lady workout clothes and my headphones in walking the loop in my neighborhood. It wasn’t there long before it was replaced with a daydream of eating mozzarella sticks for dinner.
Movement: Little dude likes to freak me out with a lazy day where he doesn’t really move at all, and then follow this with two solid days of dance party-age. We met with our doula today and she is pretty convinced he is head down (and the flutters I feel down there are him waving his arms around/getting them comfy behind his head for a nap) with his butt being the large bulge I often feel on either side of my (increasingly strange looking) belly button.
Best moment of the week: As much as I was dreading it, and as awkward as it was, our childbirth class was the highlight. We had to practice breathing and laboring/birthing positions (really) and I was constantly on the verge of a nervous laugh/guffaw, so I am so grateful to my sweet, wonderful and lightyears more mature than me husband who kept a straight face during the whole thing. Except for when we watched a video about a lady who had an epidural birth and woke up from a nap, said super nonchalantly, “I think I need to push” and then the baby pretty much fell out of her. I heard him snicker, and knew for a fact that I could not look at him for a solid five minutes. We recovered though, I stifled my guffaw and no one wet their pants laughing (a legitimate concern these days). Anywho, got a good idea of what my idea is for the “birth plan” (or birth day ‘wish list’ as the hospital calls it) and where I stand on pain management. I am most definitely pro-epidural, I’m gonna want me one of those bad boys. Labor looks rough, and then pushing looks rough, and then you have a newborn so no naps after. I’m gonna want to sleep a little bit, especially if the whole deal is slow going. 

What I’m loving: Little baby kicks are my favorite. Especially when we are listening to music or I am singing. Our favorite thing to do these days is use the bluetooth speaker Marshall got me for my birthday in the shower and listen to jams and dance. I just sing along, he dances. Doesn’t seem safe for me to dance in the shower these days. I also love his room. I want to sit in there all hours of the day (and night, when I wake up for no good reason).
What I’m looking forward to: We have our last baby shower coming up this weekend with Marshall’s family’s church. I cannot imagine that there is anything else that we need (minus a stroller and crib mattress) that people will get for us, but I am so, very grateful. I finished putting some stuff away tonight (M hung shelves in his closet today!) and the drawers are full, we have so many clothes to last him until he turns 1 and toys and diapers and blankets and shower stuff galore! It’s just so overwhelming to look around that room and think that each thing really represents someone who cares about us. What a joy. 

Last week’s baby to do

  • finish getting FMLA paperwork in (there was a problem with the form so have to sort that out)
  • contact subs to confirm visits + request picture/info for newsletter to send to parents
  • finish thank you notes from work shower
  • return some things to Target to buy a baby gate (aka: Luna gate) 

This week’s baby to do

  • finish getting FMLA paperwork in (there was a problem with the form so have to sort that out, put the new forms in and am playing phonetag with the lady at my doctor’s office! )
  • contact subs to confirm visits + request picture/info for newsletter to send to parents
  • finish mobiles/hang

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