Baby Boy Update: 31 weeks

How big is baby: 31 weeks | the size of a pineapple (~3.5 pounds)
Verse that I am clinging to: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4
How I’m feeling: Not terrible! Just larger, hungrier and sleepier. 
Symptoms: heartburn, eczema (seems to be waning as of late!), Braxton Hicks like crazy, and fatigue. Carrying an extra 25 pounds around is quite exhausting. Yesterday walking gave me the craziest Braxton Hicks contractions. 
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I’ve come full circle back to first trimester where nothing sounds good. We’ve been cooking more at home which is nice (for the belly, scale AND wallet) but no real cravings. Except apple juice, but that’s pretty normal for me this time of year. 
Weight gain/loss: Haven’t weighed myself since my last doctor visit, but I’d say I’ve gained a total of 25 pounds if not more. Probably more. 
Sleep: So, very tired. Every once in a while I get 1st trimester wave of uncontrollable sleepies. Sleep at night is not so great. On the off chance I am not having really bad heartburn, getting up to pee or being awakened by dogs I am still waking up every few hours, checking my clock and trying to will it to be just time to get up already. Somehow sleep feels torturous these days… 
Exercise: Really. I don’t exercise. Not even a little. I’m the worst. 
Movement: Kid was having a p-a-r-t-y yesterday! I fell on Saturday, not on my belly or anything, but I stressed out because he was apparently taking a nap for 2 hours and didn’t move at all. Finally he moved and turned sideways, which was super uncomfortable for a few days. I think he’s back head down, but I feel this huge bump every once in a while on the left or right side and I wonder if it is him sleeping on his side or something. Yesterday he was so active, it was so fun and only a little distracting 🙂 we went out to dinner and I had to pee no less than 4 times while we were there (like an hour). He was definitely using my bladder like a trampoline. I go to the doctor tomorrow and am going to mention my fall so maybe they’ll do an ultrasound. I really haven’t had any scary symptoms (other than some sharp abdominal pains accompanied by movement, but I feel like anything goes with pregnancy and pains) so I doubt they’ll do it, but I would love to see the fella and exactly how he is positioned. I think I’d rest better at night knowing he was head down and ready for the whole delivery thing… 
Best moment of the week: Yesterday was my birthday! It was a really busy adult-thing-filled day, but got to go out to dinner with Marshall and ordered an appetizer AND dessert. Oh yeah. It was grand. Also, being pregnant is a lot like it being your birthday. When I am faced with a piece of cake, I am like “I’m pregnant! What’s another piece of cake?” and when it’s your birthday it’s like “It’s my birthday! What’s another piece of cake?” Pretty sure I am going to miss eating another piece of cake. Also, early last week my work threw us a baby shower. It was so special. Love working with these ladies! There was cake there. 
What I’m loving: This whole starting a family thing. It has been so much fun so far, and the anticipation and excitement is really starting to build now that the weather is cooler and we’re in the week 30s. Can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by! Being in this with Marshall is also the greatest thing ever. 
What I’m looking forward to: This weekend we have our labor & delivery class at the hospital. Truthfully, I am not really excited about it (mostly feel pretty awkward and nervous about it) but I think things will start to feel very real after that. We got a book in the mail that we are supposed to study (!?!) before the class and we’ll be wearing comfy clothes, bringing pillows, a yoga mat and the whole shebang. I’m getting pretty nervous about the whole birthing thing, but I will say having only 4 more weeks of pregnancy would be much preferable to 10. Also, 4 more weeks would mean a very reasonable sized baby. 

Last week’s baby to do
  • finish getting FMLA paperwork in (there was a problem with the form so have to sort that out)
  • finish this round of thank you notes before Wednesday
  • finalize pacing guide for maternity leave plans & develop system/template for subs
  • contact subs to confirm visits + request picture/info for newsletter to send to parents
  • finish curtains
This week’s baby to do
  • finish getting FMLA paperwork in (there was a problem with the form so have to sort that out)
  • contact subs to confirm visits + request picture/info for newsletter to send to parents
  • finish thank you notes from work shower
  • return some things to Target to buy a baby gate (aka: Luna gate) 

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