Baby Boy Update: 30 weeks

How big is baby:  30 weeks | the size of a summer cantaloupe ~3lbs. 

Verse that I am clinging to: For we know that in all things, God works for the good of those that love him and that have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

How I’m feeling: Big and pregnant. Super tired. 

Symptoms: heartburn, eczema, swelling, the usual. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions:  Still love a good soda, although I am thinking that it is because water gives me pretty dreadful heartburn. The fizzy helps, I think. Also, apple juice. I want apple juice. 

Weight gain/loss:  151. I was really hoping not to cross the 150 threshold but we have. The doctors are always so nice though, they are always like “your weight is so great! you’re right on track!” I guess if it was too much they would tell me… or maybe they know telling a 3rd trimester mama-to-be her weight is too much is probably not a great idea. I guess I’ve only really gained 20 pounds (not counting the 9 I lost first trimester…when I add that in it stresses me out), which isn’t so bad! Little dude will gain probably at least 5 more pounds in coming weeks so preparing for that by saying “no” to some not so healthy choices. I really wanted to buy French Toast Sticks today at the grocery store. Why? I have no idea. 

Sleep: What is sleep? I miss it. I do know that. My temperature is all out of whack and I am in full incubator mode these days. The other night I woke Marshall up at 2am trying to turn the AC on. Might buy myself a fan this weekend…. and a hoodie for M. Between wacky dogs, swollen fingers (which I learned yesterday is from sleeping on your side!?!)  heartburn, bathroom trips, and being hot all the time, sleep is hard to come by and precious. I almost let Lobo find a new home this morning because he was pacing in our room and jingling his collar and I still had 30 more minutes until my alarm went off. That is an exaggeration, I would never let Lobo go, but oh my gosh, dog. Thirty. Whole. Minutes. Lay. Down.

Exercise: I really should just delete this part of my weekly update. I tentatively have planned to maybe go for a walk probably this weekend. Really feeling the need to get my body used to moving to I guess, prepare for the marathon that is delivery? This kind of feels like the time I signed up for a 5k, didn’t train at all and the week before went to the gym everyday. It’s true, I am a procrasti-exerciser. 

Movement: This is by far my favorite part of being pregnant. Sure, I like sleep, but if it is going to be interrupted, I like feeling sweet baby kicks while I drift in and out of consciousness in the middle of the night. 

Best moment of the week: Is it weird that this was my doctor’s appointment? I had a new OB that I had not met yet and he was awesome. Answered all my questions, helped me with asthma & eczema preggo issues and just really did an overall great job being awesome. It is always so nice to work with people who love what they do. And that also have a great sense of humor. We measured at 31 weeks which gives me (hopefully not false) hope that Lincoln will come before January 1. Also, we won best couple costume at a Halloween party this weekend for our Juno & Bleeker costume! Currently waiting for permission from M to post his Bleeker picture on the internet (might have to save that one for the blog book….)

What I’m loving: That people tell me to sit down all the time. 

What I’m looking forward to: Baby boy being here. A sweet friend sent us some really soft footie PJs in the mail and I was just snuggling them yesterday. Can’t wait until our little guy is here and I can snuggle him in those jammies. 

*new!* To do this week: So, I have a running list in my phone called “Lincoln’s coming!” of things I need to do. It is right in between “Groceries” and “OB questions”. Quick shoutout to Reminders for saving my life and keeping me from forgetting things! The past few weeks have been busy and fruitful and we’ve finally started making like real ‘we’re gonna have a baby soon!’ preparations. I am adding this part of my weekly update to brag a little bit to myself and to make me feel better because most days I feel like a lazy, swollen, bum that just wants to sit down and not do anything. I like seeing things that are done. Like….

  • scheduled maternity pictures, 
  • hired a newborn photographer, 
  • found a pediatrician (we will visit the practice on November 4th!), 
  • signed up to donate cord blood (now we just wait for the kit!), 
  • made 8 freezer meals (my goal was 10, but I’ll settle for 8….might add some enchiladas later), and 
  • finished one of Lincoln’s curtains for his room (I’d also like to add that Marshall has also, like, made his room from literal, floor to ceiling and all the furniture in between). 

Anywho, big things left to-do before I am 36 weeks:

  • finish Lincoln’s other bedroom curtain, 
  • hang shelves in his closet and put clothes away (we have newborn and 0-3 month clothes in his dresser already, just need to wash them!), 
  • and go to our class at the hospital in November. 
  • Woo! I guess I should also add “maternity leave lesson plans” to this list…that’s probably wise for pre-36 weeks in case little dude comes really early…
This week’s baby to do
  • finish getting FMLA paperwork in (there was a problem with the form so have to sort that out)
  • finish this round of thank you notes before Wednesday
  • finalize pacing guide for maternity leave plans & develop system/template for subs
  • contact subs to confirm visits + request picture/info for newsletter to send to parents

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