Annual State Fair Snacky Dinner

My girls and I sure love a good snacky dinner. Last year we went to the fair and ate around and decided that it would definitely be a new tradition for us. We weren’t able to get there as early as we did last year, but Kasey hooked us up with good parking and we walked around and ate and ate and ate. 
Clockwise from top: Cheddar Nuggets (from the pictured ‘Hot Wisconsin Cheese’ stand. My favorite!), Pumpkin Funnel Cake, Al’s French Fries, Fried Snickers, Red Velvet Oreos, Fries round 2, 1% NC Milk (wish it had been whole!),  and last but not least, Fried Cheesecake. 

We’ve developed the perfect system for trying all the fair treats: four is better than one. If you are by yourself really you can only eat, at most, two things before you start to hate life. When you are four people you just try a little bit of everything. The more the merrier! 
I had my bi-weekly appointment yesterday and I measured a week ahead of my due date. I got really excited at first thinking Lincoln would come earlier than the 31st, but then I realized that is probably just baby baby + State Fair food baby. They also made me get on the scale. Yikes. Let me just say that I am going to lay off the milkshakes for the next 10 weeks and I most definitely won’t be going to the fair again until next year… 

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