Adventure is Out There!

My sweet friend Stephanie of Stephanie Byrd Photography  and I kind of have a life photo swap agreement. It is pretty awesome. I photograph them, she photographs us… it works. When we decided to do an Up theme for the baby’s room, Marshall and I thought it would be fun to take some pictures with balloons to hang in there. I am right at 20 weeks in these pictures so I’m glad we have official documentation of the halfway mark. Featured in these also, is the Up house print that Marshall designed of our house (to say that I love this print is a serious understatement. It is on my dresser right now). Right now the only thing in the baby’s room is walls and a floor, (baseboard is forthcoming) but we are heading to Ikea in a couple of days to start getting furniture. Eeee! Updates shall be forthcoming! In the meantime, adventure is out there! 

Thank you, Stephanie, for the awesome pictures! We love them! 

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