2014 Goals: repost

Below is a re-post from our old blog, right at the end of last year. When I wrote this, a baby was the furthest thing from our minds so it is funny to read how differently we thought this year would go. I’ll be doing a mid-year update soon of our goals and where we stand now that the game has changed a little. God is so good, and I am thoroughly enjoying the 2014 ride! Originally posted at 11:40pm on December 31, 2013.

A new year is here! 2013 was just so great to us. It’s so hard to believe that in the past 365 days, so much has changed! We have new jobs, another nephew on the way and celebrated another year of being married. God is so good to us. 
Our goals for 2014? We are shooting big in some places and small in others. Our biggest goal? 

We are going to pay off $20k of student loan debt. 
The Snowball Spreadsheet tells us that $18k is definitely doable, and we’re shooting big. Money is a weird thing to talk about and write about online, but everyone who knows us knows that I’m a teacher and how teacher pay is in NC, so we aren’t exactly rolling in the dollar dollar bills, y’all. Marshall also works in education, and his pay is totally reflective of that too. (sidenote: We are not the  people that call into Dave Ramsey like “Yeah, we make $150k a year and sold our boat and now WE’RE DEBT FREE!” Not our situation. Not even close. Not even a smidge.) I brought $50k+ of student loan debt into our marriage. In the first two years of our marriage we have finished paying off of M’s loans ($14k), M’s car ($11k) and some credit card debt we both carried. We both work full time and do stuff on the side and we are stepping up our game this year in true Dave Ramsey style. We are channeling all that gazelle intensity and are ready to knock out what is left of my smallest Sallie Mae loan, my Federal Teach “Grant” (now a loan in repayment because I no longer teach in a low-income school) and half of the second smallest Sallie Mae. Don’t be offended if we invite you to hang out at our house, the dog park or a place we have coupons for. I am hereby referring to this time as the Work All the Time Twenties so we can have the Do Whatever We Want Whenever We Want Thirties. I don’t know if it was because I downloaded the Dave Ramsey app or those numbers getting smaller or what, but I am more motivated than ever to sacrifice to be done with this debt thing. It finally actually feels doable. So, this goal takes up most of 2014 for us. 

We are going to finish house projects we started in 2013 (and 2012).
We are not the best at finishing things we start. This is a personality trait that I have possessed my entire life, and every once in a while I see this part of myself in my sweet husband. Our foreclosed-new-to-us home has come a long way since we moved in nearly 2 years ago, but this year we are putting the finishing touches on a few things. On our radar: carpet upstairs (to save money we may be recruiting people to help us pull up old carpet and move furniture, holler if you need some community service hours!) and finishing details in the downstairs & master bathroom (ie; dealing with the giant hole under the stairs). This is small list of big things, but we are excited to get these underway (and I am ready for them to be done, already!). 

We are going to have a lot of fun!
This year is going to hold lots of ridiculously fun things, even before summer track-out! After celebrating our nephew Oliver’s 2nd birthday, we will welcome nephew #2, Charlie Clyde sometime in February. Over spring track-out, we will be chaperoning a field trip to Disney World (#teacherproblems, except not at all) and then I’ll be headed to Peru on a mission trip. After that it is smooth sailing through Marshall’s birthday (and 2nd houseaversary), summertime, our 3rd anniversary (what!?) my 27th birthday (again, what?!) and then back around to the holiday season. 
So 2014 will be about learning time management for me. Balancing the fun with the work and the work with the fun. 
2013, you were spectacular, challenging and flew by incredibly fast
2014, get ready! Here we come! 

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