Salad & Breadstick Tears

Much to my disappointment, I haven’t really had any big pregnancy cravings. I go through spurts where something sounds good, but I tend to kill it in a short amount of time. The other week, I had a particularly difficult Friday at work. I had emails abounding from people (NCVPS & FA) just letting me know what a crappy job I was doing and I was feeling super discouraged. Marshall suggested we go out to dinner, so we had planned to go get Mexican food, I think. While I was getting ready, it hit me: The Olive Garden. I needed salad and breadsticks. I had been eating a lot of junk food, so I really wanted something healthy-ish and the salad sounded so good (I know there are like a billion calories in the dressing, but there’s also lettuce in there). 

At like 8:00pm, we got in the car and drove to Capital to the Olive Garden where there was a 15 minute wait. Marshall texted me from inside the restaurant (I waited in the car in case it was ridiculous, I didn’t want to have to smell the salad and breadsticks and then leave) and we agreed we would eat there. In the time that Marshall texted me and I replied, he told the hostess that we would wait and she changed the wait to 30 minutes. I really would have waited 45 minutes, but Marshall was annoyed by this and mentioned his annoyance several times. I got annoyed with his annoyance (Really, I was just really looking for someone to be as excited as I was about salad and breadsticks) so I suggested we just go somewhere else. He declined, but kept voicing his annoyance so I told him that I wanted to go somewhere else. He said no, and I walked back to the car and waited for him. He didn’t come. Finally I texted him and just asked if we could go somewhere else, and he obliged and met me at the car. I had not really thought this through because really, nothing sounded good to me that day to eat except salad and breadsticks and at this point I had smelled the glorious things and it hit me: I was not going to be eating salad and breadsticks that night. And, the tears came. I mean, the tears. Hot, salty, snotty, tearful sobs. 

In between sobs I tried to explain to Marshall that I was not angry with him, but I really just wanted salad and breadsticks. He offered to turn around, but at this point I was so disgusted with myself for crying so, just, uglily, that I dared not go to a public place in North Raleigh where I would undoubtedly see someone I knew. So, I cried. The whole way home. Then we got to our neighborhood and I decided I would eat all the Rice Chex in the house. I love Rice Chex. I love whole milk. I would just treat myself to as much cereal as I could stomach. And then I remembered that we were out of milk. And the tears started all over. I tried to pull it together, I even looked in the pantry and refrigerator for something else to eat, but all I could muster was to stuff a dry handful of Chex into my mouth before accepting defeat, going to bed and vowing to try again tomorrow. The good news, we went to Olive Garden for dinner the next night. And, like I imagined I would, I saw someone I knew. There are a few takeaways here:
    • Food is important to pregnant ladies.
    • Pregnancy hormones are real.
    • My husband is amazing.
    • Salad and breadsticks are delicious. 
    • So is Rice Chex with whole milk. 

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