Baby Boy’s First Modeling Gig

Not too long after finding out I was pregnant, I saw where First Choice (the same organization we went to the walk-a-thon for) was looking for 2nd trimester mom-to-be’s (referred to as ultrasound models) to help them train nurses on how to do ultrasounds. I fit the guidelines they needed and we would have had our gender ultrasound prior to that, so I thought it would be great fun to have an excuse to see our baby again, and to help an organization that we love! It was great fun, they were training three different nurses to locate the placenta, the baby’s head to get a measurement, and the baby’s heart to get the heart rate. It was fun to watch because our little guy was (continues to be!) super wiggly, so it was like each nurse had a totally different baby in a totally different position than the one before. I think he gave them good practice on how to photograph a baby in action. As a thank-you they printed out a few pictures that just melted my heart. After dancing around for almost a full hour hour, baby boy snuggled up and fell asleep and she got some really sweet pictures. My favorite thing about our gender ultrasound was that he kept putting his arms behind his head, almost like he was getting comfy and when I was a baby I slept like that. He did the same thing here too! He was snuggled all up then those arms went back behind his head. I really wonder if he’ll do that on the outside… I think he still does it because I swear I feel him on both side of my belly at the same time, I imagine him stretching his little arms up and legs out. I am getting so excited to meet this kid that I love so much, although I am enjoying our time together.

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