How big is baby:  18 weeks | the size of a sweet potato

Verse that I am clinging to: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10a

How I’m feeling: recovering from a cold that knocked me down. I took Tuesday off last week and literally slept the weekend away. I am feeling better today, although I am still coughing and blowing my nose frequently. Had two really late nights the past two nights, so I am cruising to be done with work so I can hit the hay around 9. 

Symptoms: face eczema, heartburn, potty-bound all the time. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Still no real cravings, with my cold my taste buds have been lacking in excitement for food. I haven’t tried fridge water/ice in a while. 

Weight gain/loss: Tomorrow I will weigh in at the doctor. I feel like I haven’t been eating much since I’ve been sick but my belly is getting larger and in charger every day. 

Sleep: Work (and fun) has kept me up later than I’d like the past two nights but I slept a lot this past weekend. Last week I had a hard time ‘quieting my mind’ and it took some time to fall asleep. Also trying to transition to “side sleeping” before I really have to and that is hard. I wake up on my back like every morning.

Exercise: Breathing has been a challenge the past week or so with my little respiratory virus, so no exercise for me. Plans to charge my fitbit and get moving again by the end of the week. I miss yoga more than I thought i would, especially now that the little one is moving around. I think yoga would be more fun now. 

Movement: Baby is kicking up a storm in there! was feeling a lot more, but lately not quite as much. This has been worrisome since I’ve been sick (taking medicine & had some pretty violent feeling coughing fits). As I’m typing this little one is flutter kicking away, so feeling good about that. 

Best moment of the week: At work we officially arranged my maternity leave. I am taking 8 weeks off and then coming back for half days for 8 weeks following that. With a track out in there it literally means I’ll be back for one week (half days) and then 3 weeks off for trackout and then back 4th quarter for 8 weeks of half days and then one full week before a 6 week (yep, it is longer!) summer trackout. This means that our little bean will be 7+ months old before we have to do full day daycare! This is so exciting to me (although I have a little bit of teacher guilt for abandoning technology for basically half of the year) and I really think this will be good for all of us. A little bit less of a financial blow than 12 weeks off + full time daycare for 6 weeks, and not to mention it will be a great transition time for me to get used to working and being a mom before I add online teaching back to the mix (taking a break spring semester). People keep saying, “you couldn’t have picked better timing!”, clearly this baby was in The Plan. I think too, it makes me feel better that if things don’t really go according to the plan (lowercase, intentional there) we have some wiggle room with FMLA. That way if I have to leave before December track out for bed rest or something or if after the baby comes things are complicated I know 1) my job will be there 2) things are flexible. A surprise to us, but totally handpicked. You know the deal. 

What I’m loving: People I work with are wonderful and sweet. They all take their jobs very seriously (sometimes I feel too seriously) but they are loving ladies and moms and just are so excited that an FA baby is on the way 🙂 I hope they know just how much I love working with them! Also, today especially, the sun is back out and I am feeling more like myself and am pretty much the happiest person in the world. I was anticipating this week to be super stressful and busy (which it totally is) but I was not really planning to be happy this week. Grateful for that. 

What I’m looking forward to: I think to say “our ultrasound” on Thursday is a biiiiig understatement. We are planning to have dinner with our families on Sunday night  to share the news of if it is a girl or boy and we’re taking ‘halfway’ pics with Stephanie on Saturday. ALSO summer session ends this week PRAISE THE LORD. Online teaching has been a challenge for me. Looking forward to a break (that’s a joke, our Spanish 3 course just got reviewed so revisions are in my future), and/or a do-over in the fall semester. My pass rate may be so terrible they never give me a section again. We shall see! 

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