How big is baby: 12w6d | the size of a plum

Verse that I am clinging to: none right now 

How I’m feeling: better overall, more energy

Symptoms: eczema, heartburn, I was throwing up all weekend (a stomach bug I think, not really pregnancy related) and a little sleepy. 20 minute power naps are the best for me right now. 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I must be having a Japanese baby because I love white sauce. I decided that in my weekly(ish) belly pics I would feature my most recent craving. White sauce, rice & veggies (zucchini +  broccoli) is the sweet spot.  

Weight gain/loss: Thanks to my stomach bug I am down to 127. I’ve had Bojangles every day this week and I had mozzarella sticks for lunch. Trying to eat constantly. 

Sleep: I like sleeping. I got a body pillow which helped with some back pain that I had earlier in the week. I might wake up once or twice to go to the bathroom, otherwise I am sleeping like a rock. 

Exercise: Not really any on purpose but a sweet friend gave me a gift certificate for prenatal yoga so I might be trying out a class this Saturday. 

Movement: This is highly unlikely since it is my first BUT I swear I felt a flutter on Monday. I was moving around all morning at work and then I sat down and I felt this little fluttery movement in the lower part of my abdomen. Sure, it could have been gas or whatever, but I haven’t felt anything like it since! Wondering if it was our little person swimming around…

Best moment of the week: Friday I felt AMAZING! I cleaned, cooked dinner, did work, hung out with Stephanie and didn’t nap. I had so much energy. And then I got sick Saturday night and I’m just barely hanging on.

What I’m loving: accepting being pregnant as part of who I am right now. I am a little bit noticeably pregnant at this point (dear people that look but that are too polite to ask: you are wonderful) and most of our friends know and family knows and it is just fun to really start embracing this time in our life. We’ve made financial plans for the next year or so (debt snowball is on hold) and made plans to replace the floors upstairs (and build a dog house since the doggies will be outside/downstairs doggies only) so things are starting to feel a little more real, exciting and expensive! 

What I’m looking forward to: our appointment on Thursday and assuming everything is A-OK going public on Instagram! I’m working on a cute little onesie and tomorrow I’ll be tie-dying some onesies with my sister! Love our little baby tradition. 

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