How big is baby: 11w3d | the size of a brussel sprout

Verse that I am clinging to: none right now 

How I’m feeling: better! much more energy! 

Symptoms: eczema, the occasional heartburn, nausea is gone, PTL!

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I would say an aversion to all food. Nothing sounds good. I feel guilty about eating fast food but real food doesn’t really sound good to me either. I’ve been trying to decide what to eat for lunch since like 11:30. It’s almost 3. I also need to plan meals and go to the grocery store today. The struggle is real. 

Weight gain/loss: I haven’t weighed myself but I am guessing I am still holding steady at 129 or so. 

Sleep: Sleep is good. Still having crazy dreams and I think I might need to start sleeping with a body pillow soon. I am not really comfortable on my back.

Exercise: None really still on purpose but I’ve been doing a far amount of walking. I want to start yoga, maybe next week? I might call to see if the hospital has cheaper yoga than a studio. 

Movement: Probably not until 18 weeks for this. 

Best moment of the week: camping with Marshall. We got sunburned, had a close encounter with the biggest ants I’ve ever seen, and survived a windstorm in a tent. But It was a great vacation. 

What I’m loving: Being tracked out even though I am totally up to my elbows in work. I got a fair amount done today, but I do miss the days of summer of nothing but naps, pool and America’s Next Top Model marathons…

What I’m looking forward to: a veracious appetite which will hopefully appear in a couple of weeks. And then I will eat all the things. All of them.

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