7 weeks

How big is baby: 7 weeks | the size of a blueberry
How I’m feeling: just tired and nauseous. Yesterday morning I had my first “I am totally going to throw up today” feeling, although I never did. We have peppermints in the front office and I had one in my mouth all morning. This morning I woke up really thirsty. 
Weight gain/loss: ± 1 lb, no big changes yet.
Sleep: Two weeks ago I was asleep by 8:30 every night but the past few nights I’ve had a harder time falling asleep. 
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: All food sounds gross, until I start eating and I eat it all. Had, literally, 5 cookies yesterday at lunch because they were so good. Last week I was eating super healthy, but this little bit of nausea makes me want to eat rice Chex and that is it. Trying to work fruits & veggies back in and gluten back out. It is teacher appreciation week so there are cookies everywhere!  
Movement: Will be a while before that, although I swear I can feel things expanding and moving around in there. 
What I’m loving: Every once in a while I remember that we are having a baby and get a little flutter of excitement out of nowhere. 
Symptoms: Bloated. So bloated. Not sure if gluten is to blame or what, but my pants don’t fit and I am waiting to start on the weekly pictures because I look actually pregnant right now. It’s been quite a challenge finding loose fitting outfits for work. I just want to groan around and rub my little gas baby belly. 
What I’m looking forward to: the 8 week mark, bloat or not I’m going to start the weekly pictures. 
Best moment of the week: Last night I met with two former professors and dear friends at Meredith and our conversation turned to houses and jobs and things and I told them and made them swear to secrecy. I haven’t really wanted to tell people in the event that we miscarry but these two friends are so supportive, they’d definitely be ones I’d want loving me and praying for me if something happened. They were just overjoyed and had such great advice, best moment of the week by far!
Verse that I am clinging to:  haven’t really been spending a lot of time reading this week, want to work on that as this progresses. 

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