Buena Fé | Peru

On our second full day in Nasca, we drove a little outside the town to a neighboring pueblo called Buena Fe. There is not a protestant church in Buena Fe and it was a bit of a hike for these people to go to Pastor Jose’s church in Nasca, so we spent our morning telling the kids to come back there in the afternoon to play with us. We had no idea how many kids we’d be organizing when we got there and had basically planned for 75 kids 4 times a week, but when we were able to talk to the principal they said “How about 300 kids in… (looks at watch) ten minutes?” So, we divided and conquered in 3 groups. Some of the boys in our group told a bible story and our native guides translated for the kids. I was with the 3rd & 4th graders but spent my time running around making sure all the groups were good. My group had several students in it that were confident in speaking Spanish and using learned vocabulary so they didn’t really need me to help. As a teacher, it was so fun to watch these high school kids use what they are learning at school to communicate! So fun. Our translator, Arturo (pictured above) is just an amazing story teller. I think I am going to do an entire post on his story. He is quite possibly the coolest person I’ve ever met and an amazing, I mean amazing, teacher. This day was great fun and a pleasure to watch. It was definitely a challenge to adjust to a new plan in such a short amount of time, but everyone rose to the challenge and God made it happen. He’s always making those awesome things happen.

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