Bella Unión | Peru

This was Tuesday, our first full day in Nasca. We took a 2 hour van ride to Bella Unión to visit the Ragland family (post on them coming soon) and did a NC style Vacation Bible School in the park. We focused on the creation story and had the kids keep a sheet with Psalm 139:14:

Te alabo porque soy una creación admirable.

¡Tus obras son maravillosas y esto lo sé muy bien!

The kids also played games and did arts and crafts. It was so inspiring to  meet the Raglands and see how, in just 4 years, they have built such a relationship with the people there, even not having a strong background in Spanish. Prior to moving to Perú they went to language school in Costa Rica, and had a few Spanish classes here or there. From the point of view of a teacher, there is really not a better way to learn the language than living there, that is for sure. The hotel where we stayed in Nasca was quite luxorious, and I felt myself longing to stay in Bella Unión without wifi and a pool. I feel like it is so much easier to feel closer to God and to hear him speak when a lot of those distractions are taken away. The Raglands are in the US this week, traveling home to Kentucky deal with visas and doctor visits (and have a Dr. Pepper!), but I hope one day to make it back to Bella Unión to stay for a while.

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