A lady I work with happened to have a dog sled that her son and husband built for a project a few years ago. On the last snow day we realized we HAD to get together for a picture but the snow melted before we could to do. Lucky for us this little mini-blizzard we had this week created the perfect scene for a dog sled picture and better yet ACTUAL sledding! The pups were total naturals and much to everyone’s surprise, the sled held up great! We all went for a little ride and had a great time. Luna was so worn out that she had no trouble finding a comfy nap position for the ride home. The best part of all is that it was 57° during our sledding adventure so when the pups got hot they just rolled around in the snow. A husky owner’s dream come true! Can’t wait 9 years for the next blizzard 🙂

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