The adventure through the old Nikon lenses continues… snow day style! Today’s lens? 28mm. This guy is super little, has a large frame and zooms in nicely, focuses quickly (even with my questionable vision) with a nice little depth of field. I’m in love. Luna was not thrilled that I woke her up to go play in the snow and Lobo just really wants to play with/eat the neighborhood kids that are sledding on the other side of our fence. But I have trained them well and they know to sit for pictures. Sweet guys. I’ve been super lazy today, but finally at noon had a real breakfast with a cup of coffee and am feeling like I *might* want to do some work. I met my Spanish 3 deadline (actually, I was approximately 72 hours late uploading all the stuff online, but it was created by the deadline!) so I am rewarding myself with some “nothing” time. Nothing time consists of my chair literally beside the fire, a blanket, Netflix and some sort of hot beverage in a mug. 

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