My process that takes pictures from my camera goes like this:

1) Go through, delete the stinkers. A stinker is blurry, out of focus, over exposed, under exposed, just, a stinker. 

2) Go through again, choose the ‘best’ between similar images. Once I find light/an angle/a place/a pose that fires me up, I tend to camp out there and take, oh, twenty or so of the same picture. I’m trying to stop this, but I can’t help it. Anywho, step two is go through and decide on 1, or a few keepers of each place/pose/feel. Usually, I end up with anywhere from 30 to 75 keepers from the average 1 hour session. I don’t know how this compares to other people, but this is usually how I operate. 

3) Go through, flag the 10 for the blog post.Tumblr limits me to 10 pictures for photo posts. This is good and bad. Good, in that sometimes I would blog 20+ images on my little blogspot and the older I get the more I really believe less is more. Bad, in that sometimes I find the perfect combination of photos and there are 13. Or worse, 11. 

The discussion on my process was just to give you a reference point for what I’m about to tell you. This is my friend Katie and her stepson Cayden and they are beautiful inside and out. I’ve gone through their images 3 times (step 2) and I still have 225 images. On step 3, I flagged 24 images and sorting through them was torture to pick 10. Just so gorgeous.

Katie and I went to high school together and were bridesmaids in our friend Jamie’s wedding back in October of 2011. She got married earlier that year to a wonderful guy, who changed her last name from McLean, technically taking away her iconic nickname, Katie Mac, which I remember from when we were, eight, I believe and in girl scouts together. We go way back! I don’t care what anyone says, she is still Katie Mac in my phone.

Katie has started her own photography business and asked to donate to my trip to Peru for some family pictures and headshots for her website. I was (and still am!) thrilled to be a part of her kickstart and can’t wait to see her business take off, she does some wonderful work! Check out her site here:

She brought her sweet stepson Cayden along, and he is just the epitome of a joyful, fun, adorable, teeth-losing, booger having, life-loving 6 (almost 7) year old boy. It was such a joy to watch Katie be such an awesome mom to him. Probably my favorite thing about getting older is watching friends become parents and rock at it. I hope they are writing down all the things they are learning for when my time comes, so they can tell me how to do all the hard stuff. Like maybe, for example, how to gracefully remind your kid that they are not to say the word fart when their photographer is making them laugh by saying it (this may or may not be a true example)…

Katie & Cayden: thank you for having me and allowing me to capture this sweet time for you! 

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