A few weeks ago, after cleaning out my lady cave closet I saw this suitcase of really nice Nikon camera lenses that I have been holding onto for years. My dad bought it from some guy for like $50 bucks (the guy didn’t know the combination to the case) and knew somebody who could open it and behold inside was several hundred dollars worth of Nikon SLR goodness from sometime in the past. After seeing this case and going through this whole “I Am Not Going to Keep it if I Can’t Use it” phase, I went to Google to see if there was such a thing I could get to use these Nikon lenses on my Canon Rebel body. Did you know there is? Did you know that it has been in existence for a very long time and I never even thought to look it up until a few weeks ago? I’ve had these lenses for nearly four years people. Four years. Moral of the story: an Amazon giftcard from Santa Chaney and some Dr. Seuss books in Spanish later, my adapter came today and I have essentially six new lenses. Most of them are portrait lenses similar to the ones that I have except not plastic and not crappy with a lot more glass and a lot lower aperture settings. The adapter does not in any way communicate with the lens so aperture and focus are set manually but oh my goodness. The depth of field is so yummy I could just swim in it. I’m just in love with taking pictures all over again. Now I am in the market for a camera bag of some sort where I can lug actual glass lenses in without worrying about breaking them into a bajillion pieces, so if you have any suggestions please comment below! Let the research begin! In the meantime, I am probably going to fashion something with bubble wrap because these guys are just too special (the 50mm 1.4 in particular, so delicious, so amazing) to leave at home ever again. 

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