God is great, God is good. These people up here, they are good too. 

So, we are trying to get out of debt the Dave Ramsey way, which means throwing all money at debt. I recently listened to segment of his show where a twentysomething newlywed called in and talked about budgeting for a short-term mission trips and how she was kind of frustrated because they had hit a lull in their snowball and Dave was very clear: cut out the fun stuff. No more mission trips. Pay off the debt.

What if we could pay for the trip without cutting into our debt snowball and without just sending letters to people and hoping they’d donate? Enter the idea for Peru sessions. 

These people pictured above have blessed me, some with a $50 donation, some with a $250 donation. The complete selfless generosity of these people, some new friends, some old friends, some friends of friends (and now friends!) just blows me away. Up there is life. There are two engagements, three families with a baby less than a year old, a young marriage, and two ladies starting their own businesses. What a blessing to me to get to be a part of these exciting times and to give them a picture that will when they look at it, remember the joy and excitement. How. FUN.

This is just the first half of sessions, the rest have been gifted or are on the schedule for 2014. This is just December, people!!  

Okay, so for some money talk. I was able to put $570 towards the trip. That was my part-time work in October and November. Through these generous souls, God has more than doubled what I have given so far putting my total at $1,320 paid. I only owe $380 more by February 17, and I currently have more than that in the queue for people that have emailed asking for a session but either paid online or plan to give me a check in the coming weeks when I see them. This is where the blessing gets even cooler. Since my trip will be paid in full, the extra is going to go to one of the sweet high school students that still has a remaining balance. Joy.

I went on a mission trip to Mexico when I was a freshman at Meredith. It was $1,000 to go, which to me, at 19, seemed completely unattainable. I paid the $99 deposit and maybe a few hundred more dollars here and there, until one day I got an email that somebody had paid for my trip. At least $700, somebody just paid for it. It was on that trip I realized a lot about my life, and what God had planned for me. Without that mystery donation I don’t know that I would have gone. So, I am so excited that my fundraising is going to give me a chance to give the way that someone gave for me. And really, I’m not even the giver because it’s other people giving… so basically, joy. 

So, this is just a little way for me to say that God is big. God is bigger than my skepticism, my cynicism, my ability to take pictures, my everything. He does this good math, where he takes a little bit of what we have and makes a lot, whether its bread and fishes or $570, he just is really good at math and puts things where they need to be. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported our trip financially thus far, your support means more to me than I can really convey in a little blog post. Thank you to those who are praying for us and praying for me, I am just beyond grateful. 

At this point I am unable to offer any more sessions, my days are booked and my nights are full with teaching face to face, teaching online (starting January 2!), designing a Spanish 3 course and contract work for NCSU. 2014 is gonna be a busy one! Lots of blessings, lots of joy!  If you have already contacted me but we have not scheduled a session, you are still on the books and we will be in touch to get that rolling!

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