Meet Holly Meyer of Holly Meyer Design. Basically, Holly and I were destined to meet. She graduated from Meredith (are you seeing a trend of these here photo sessions? Meredith girls, best in the world!), goes to The Summit (us too!) where she serves on First Impressions (me too!) and passes out programs and says ‘Good Morning!’ to people (me too!). She also dresses super cute (which I’d like to think I do too), has a really cool tattoo (me too!), and wanted to go to UNC but ended up at Meredith College and loved it (me too!). She is an absolute doll, and is working on building her portfolio to make her dream of owning her own graphics business come true. This girl is going places. It was a pleasure getting to know you to today, Holly! Thank you so much for your support for our trip to Peru. 

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