(So, if you clicked on this because you thought I am announcing a pregnancy, I have a confession to make. I was hoping you’d think that and click on this. While I am very sorry for exploiting your curiosity and feelings, I am also very excited to tell you about some big, and exciting news! Please forgive me, and please keep reading. If pregnancy did not even occur to you and are wondering why after a paragraph I am still talking about it, I am stopping right now and please keep reading, you’re almost to the good stuff!)

I am hoping to go* going to Peru over spring track out with high school students from church on a mission trip. I am so excited I could just…TYPE IN CAPITAL LETTERS WITH NO EXCLAMATION POINTS (millennials, you know how excited that is). God has been so good providing jobs for us that match our skills and personalities so perfectly and I am so excited to use these skills he has fine-tuned in me to serve the people of Peru and the missionaries that have moved their lives there.

To raise financial support I am offering photo sessions, so please help spread the word! I need to raise $1,400 by February 27th. Most of that will come from my part time jobs, but since the trip is relatively soon I won’t be able to earn the full amount before we go. 

The details of the sessions are below, and way up there (^) at the tippy-top there is a link to a page I have set up with some more information about what we will be doing. I will update it as I find out more! We don’t know very much at this point. My goal is to book at least 15 photo sessions by the end of December. Here are the deets: 

  • sessions are $50 (can be tax deductible)
  • sessions are 1 hour, your location of choice in the Raleigh/Durham area (or reasonable driving distance.. my “reasonable” is pretty far, I commuted 80 miles round trip every day for 3 years!)
  • sessions include a digital download of all your images and rights to use and print
  • sessions can be purchased between now and February 27th and can be redeemed anytime during the 2014 calendar year 

So, how can you help? You can pray for me (specifics on the Peru page), spread the word via social media, and consider booking a photo session for yourself or for someone as a gift! Sessions can be purchased between now and February 27 and redeemed anytime during the 2014 calendar year (ie; when it is warm outside). You can also just make a donation if photos aren’t your thing. Send me an email to book or to donate and we can make it all happen! kellielynne@me.com

Thank you for reading, supporting me, and for loving me and Peru. 

* As I started writing this I originally wrote “hoping to go” and something that our team leader has talked to us about is really trusting that God will make a way if he has called us to do something. He will make it happen. 

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