I don’t really know where to begin on these two. First, let me start by saying that if tumblr didn’t limit me to 10 pictures there would be at least 50. I just kept going through their event in iPhoto flagging, and flagging, and flagging… just love them too much.

They are members of our small group from church and we met almost exactly a year ago. I had just gotten pack from Paris and visited small group and there Stephanie and I bonded over chocolate pastries, coffee, kitchen aid mixers and Canon cameras. We later found out that we shared a love for Goodwill and lived in the same neighborhood (I mean I literally walked Luna by their house every day) for a year. We were bound to meet sooner or later.

Stephanie and I did a little photo swap, and she took pictures at the gender reveal party I threw for my sister a few weeks ago and I did some “this is our life now” pictures. They recently found, after struggling with infertility for several years, that they are expecting their first little one in 2014 and Stephanie thought it might be fun to have some pictures to capture what they were up to before they became parents. Read their story here. I am so inspired and encouraged by them! 

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