I got this sweet love note from a student today. This was just the sweetest, and to get this on top of a love note from a parent (attached to a “Think Sheet” a student had to do for losing so many behavior points in my class, of all things!) about how she visited my class website and said it was refreshing to see someone passionate about what they do– I am on cloud nine today. I am sitting in Panera emailing a lady in Spain who wants to do a cultural exchange with our school (read: send students and teachers and we send high school students and teachers) while I wait for a meeting to start a few miles down the road about a Peru trip over spring track out. 

Y’all, I didn’t even know this was the dream. 

I spent so much of my late childhood, teenage and college years trying to dream up the dream and God knew what it was all along. He reveals bits and pieces here and there and I experience them and they are glorious. 

The desires of my heart. He gives them to me, even when I don’t know how to ask for them.

Immeasurable joy is what I am feeling today. 

Honored to do for my king, what he designed me to do. Honored. 

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