Busypretty much sums up the last few days (weeks? months?) for us. Friday and Saturday we attended a really neat conference on iPads in education that was put together by one of the admins that Marshall works with. Because I am an employee at the same school I got to attend for free (so awesome) and we were fortunate enough to be able to stay at the hotel for the cost of a lunch from Which Wich. Literally. The only money we spent was on lunch on Saturday. I attended and Marshall presented and a great time was had by all. 

Which leads me to this: We are so blessed. 

This morning at church the sermon was on faith that leads to generosity. Giving our first fruits to God as he has asked us to out of obedience. About a year ago we committed to the All-In initiative at our church and quite honestly, in the past year, God has blessed us with more than I could have ever even think to ask for. This past weekend is just another glowing example of these things that just keep being given to us from God out of other people’s generosity. If it weren’t staring me in the face on a daily basis, I’d call it unbelievable. But it’s happening. Every single day it is happening. (The hilarious part for me? I was in Paris when Marshall committed us financially and I just today saw the amount we give every month. I had no idea. I had an idea but I didn’t really know how much we tithed every month. So glad Marshall did that without me because I probably would have tried to talk him out of it…)

Lord, I am so grateful for our jobs. That we both have jobs that we love going to every day. Jobs that interest us and draw us in on multiple levels, that allow us to be creative, that allow us to build relationships, that allow us to do what you designed us to do. Jobs that allow room for us to learn, and grow and change and get better. Jobs that allow us to spend time together and work together to get things done and help others. Jobs that fire us up. Jobs that are exhausting from pouring everything we have into them. Jobs that financially allow us to give to our church and to support missionaries and to do the occasional “fun things”. Jobs that allow us to pay our bills and pay towards a dream of someday not owing anybody or company money. Jobs that are jobs.

This is the dream. Loving that God is constantly giving me things that are desires of my heart before I even knew they were. The best. 

Here’s to gratitude and generosity. 

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