Meet our Plants vs. Zombies 2.0. For Jason’s birthday we went as PvZ and everyone recognized Marshall as a zombie right away but even people (okay, the person) that knew the video game didn’t really recognize me as a Pea Shooter. So, some Pinteresting and a sunflower headband later, I became a sunflower. The tutorial was super easy and only required some hot glue, cardboard, scissors and felt. For Halloween we went to our small group’s normal Thursday night meeting place and gave out popcorn, candy and hot chocolate to neighborhood families. It was great fun and I saw one of my sweet kindergarten students and her mom which was wonderful. Her mom said she had been thinking about visiting the Summit and was really motivated to visit after meeting us that night which was really encouraging. Even though I came down with strep throat the very next day it was a fun night. And no one knew who we really were, they just thought we were a zombie and a sunflower. Hashtag: hipster halloween problems. 

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